Friday, July 27, 2018

Farewell Regal Modeling Academy & Agency

For four wonderful years, Regal Modeling Academy & Agency has served the fashion modeling community and today, July 27, 2018, our doors are closed.

In closure, Regal Modeling Academy and Agency would like to personally thank the Regal Alumni for not only understanding, but maintaining the true values of what it means to be truly REGAL. Your journey to nobility has now ended, but the values of your noble REGAL standing will remain.

Thank you for joining us in your journey to becoming REGAL.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Meet Regal's Final 2018 Graduates!

To happily recap, at Regal Modeling Academy students earn titles as they progress through the courses to achieve their Patent of Nobility (model certification). Regal Modeling students can earn two types of Patent of Nobility: Basic & Advance. If a student earns a Basic Patent of Nobility they have completed 3 of the 6 courses offered at Regal Modeling Academy. Should a student earns a Advance Patent of Nobility they have completed 6 of 6 courses.

Regal Modeling Academy would like to take this time to offer our congratulations to the following models who've graduated and earned their Basic Patents of Nobility.

Basic Patent of Nobility

♛ Earl Dandy Coveria-Hawker (andrijiko coveria)            ♛ Marquis Bʀɪᴀɴ L. Rʜᴏᴅᴇs-Lᴇsᴄʜᴇʀ (bradanconaill) 
♛ Earl Dʀᴇsᴅᴇɴ L. Rʜᴏᴅᴇs-Lᴇsᴄʜᴇʀ (dresdenlescher)      ♛ Earl Kaid Hawker-Coveria (kaid hawker)                       

Many congratulations to each lord! Regal is proud of our 2018 Graduates!

Resemble what you truly want to be... Regal.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sienna Bellios is Crowned Miss SL 2018!

In 2017, our very own Regal instructor Rhiananna Janus was crowned Miss SL 2017 and today marks a new reigning of Miss SL 2018 to Regal Arch Model Sienna Bellios.

Regal Modeling Academy & Agency is proud to congratulate Miss SL 2018 Sienna Bellios on her upcoming reign and congratulations to Rhiananna on her previous reign of Miss SL 2017. You ladies are remarkable and an inspiration to all. Long may you reign!

Photographer: Magissa Denver | Model: Miss SL 2018 Sienna Bellios

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Congratulations Kaid!

As the world keeps spinning the impact of David Bowie, by Kaid Hawker, has become known all the more due to his tribute at April's Regal Runway Styling Challenge. Kaid has made a bold statement with his actions on and off the runway with sophistication, classiness, and inner creativity that a proper introduction of the man behind David Bowie MUST be made...

Photographer: Alex Avion | Model: Kaid Hawker

Before we begin Regal would like to again apologize for the scoring error that occurred.

"No need too, I didn't feel an apology was needed... RL things happen... and I am appreciative to receive the title."

A little birdie informed Regal this was your first time on the runway. With your first experience on the runway and choosing it to be in the April's Regal Runway Styling Challenge, what did you think of it?

"I was nervous about entering at all, since I haven't done anything like this before. However, once I got into it, I found it was a lot of fun. I like challenges, and I felt this challenged me to step outside my comfort zone, which is a good thing. The entire experience taught me a lot of things, and I met some really great people within the Regal family. All-in-all, I was both humbled and inspired by the entire experience. I also learned the difference between a runway style card, and a blog style Always a good thing to know!"

What was your first thought upon seeing the theme of Most Influential People Who've Impacted Humankind?

"I was excited about it...because we all have heroes, or people we admire. So, for me, choosing someone I felt was influential, and impacted humankind, was great. The hard part was narrowing it down to one.  I thought the theme was fun, and it gave us all a chance to honor someone that has been an influence in our world"

Photographer: Alex Avion | Model: Kaid Hawker

What did you think of your fellow challengers you've compete against for the title of Reigning Champion?

"Well, I am married to one of I thought Dandy's choice for the contest was so true to who he is...and RuPaul is a beautiful tribute to the fluidity of gender within all of us.  I loved Dakota's styling as well. She did a fabulous job of capturing Walt Disney, and was very creative in how she handled the styling. I enjoyed meeting her and all the people I worked with during the event, were exceptional...friendly, helpful, and outgoing."

How do you feeling knowing your first time on the runway lead to winning the title of Reigning Champion?

"That is a good question. I never expected to win. I participated for the experience, the challenge, and the fun of the whole thing. I thought it would be a learning experience, but I never expected to win. So, honestly, I feel quite humbled by the win."

With your first step taken on the runway, what are your future goals as a model?

"I'm not sure.  I am attending Regal modeling classes now, and enjoying it very much. In all the years I've been in SL...all the years I've designed clothing...I've admired runway and print models. Their ability to take an outfit or theme, and style something spectacular, just amazes me. I've never believed I had that kind of creativity or talent.  So, my future goals as a model is simply to learn what I can and attempt to be the best I can be at modeling.  I'm not sure I will actively pursue an SL modeling career, but I like knowing that it's a possibility down the road."

Photographer: Alex Avion | Model: Kaid Hawker
"David Bowie is back, as Kaid Hawker takes to the runway in Redgrave's Jacob Skin and Ikon's Arabian Deep Blue eyes,  Bowie was known for his fashion flare and pushing boundaries, and Kaid honors that by wearing Bakaboo's Baka Suit 2 Jacket, with it's mesh of glided colors and patterns. This shirt, tie, jacket, and vest combo is both edgy and saucy.

Complimenting the jacket is Riot's Syrio Leggings, in Nautical. These form-hugging pants add more than a little sass and sexiness to an outfit, and certainly scream, "Bowie! Bowie! Bowie!"

Rounding out the look are Mesh Platform Ankle Boots, in Teal, from Kaid's own store, Hawker's House. These platform boots capture Bowie's love of fashion, and flare for pushing boundaries.

Bowie is probably best known for his dramatic hair styles and colors, and none more iconic than his bright red spiked do. Kaid chose Dura's Emo Hair in Cherry to immolate Bowie's famous locks. Left longer on the bottom, and cut short and spikey on top, it's a perfect choice for our Bowie look.

 Of course, Bowie wouldn't be Bowie without a touch of makeup to round out the effect. Kaid is wearing Pink Acid's Photo Studio Blush in red, and Glamorize Revolver Pink Combo Lips. Of course, the blue eye shadow is an earmark of Bowie's 'Is There Life on Mars' look, and it's captured here with Glamorize Glitter and Glow Eye Makeup in Turquoise.

 Kaid completes his tribute to Bowie by carrying Dynamic's mic, and opting for Verocity Rock poses.

This ensemble is Kaid Hawker's version of David Bowie, capturing the star's vitality, sass, spunk, edginess, and flare for drama, both on-stage and off."

AND so the world was changed for the better thanks to David Bowie by Kaid Hawker.