Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Heels Scholarship!

Ad Creator: Morgan Whitfield
Heels by Morgan Whitfield is generously offering the Heels Scholarship at Regal Modeling Academy. Today Regal Modeling Academy & Agency was able interview her personally on this exciting news!

What is the Heels Scholarship?

"The Heels Scholarship is a small way to give back to the Second Life Community.  If there is a woman or man interested, seriously interested in becoming a Second Life fashion model, Heels will fully pay for tuition at the Regal Modeling Academy for the classes 101 - 301."

Why offer a Heels Scholarship at Regal Modeling Academy?

"I have been approached several times by people inquiring about becoming a Second Life model.  Many have these stereotypical pre-conceived notions that SL models just stand around looking glamorous and that it is an easy job.  When I explain what being a SL model entails, they have a hard time believing it. I always stress that having proper modeling education is VITAL to becoming a successful model.  One must know the protocols and lingo to become a SL model from proper styling and fitting to choosing the appropriate poses for a particular project you are assigned to.

Sending a modeling student at Regal will not only assure the winning applicant a proper education, but also how to conduct yourself as a model during your off-time which includes how you should act accordingly in-world and on social media, just like real models who are under contract.  SL models just cannot conduct themselves like loose cannons and believe that they can be like a "kate moss."  Your behavior outside and inside of the modeling industry will reflect either negatively or positively to potential agencies and designers. I, personally, will not hire a model who has a soiled reputation or possess a bad attitude (aka "diva" or "bully").  Being trained at Regal, the winning applicant will receive solid educational training as well as etiquette and mannerism of being a SL professional certified model.  If you look at the list of professional models at Regal Agency and alumni of the Academy, they are all stellar individuals in the industry as well as community overall."

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What does the Heels Scholarship include and how did you deiced what to include?

"The Heels Scholarship will include fully paid tuition to earn their Basic modeling certification at Regal Modeling Academy. The winning applicant will receive a  proper foundation of modeling for their start as models, with their first three classes paid for in full at Regal.  Should the Heels winning Scholarship Applicant find they want grow more serious about their modeling carer in the Second Life fashion world upon finishing the last 3 classes, they may continue on their Regal education at their own expense. Upon completion of their basic modeling certification, Heels will offer the graduate a position as part of the print ad modeling staff. "

To be granted the Heels Scholarship what is required for the applicants?

"The applicant to be at least 6 months old (that way the person already should be familiar with maneuvering around SL and the controls), a positive and friendly demeanor. Open to changes of their avatar if need be to become a professional SL model this includes changing your shape. Additionally, required applicants must submit a full body and perm picture of themselves wearing Heels; and complete a minimum of 500 word essay answering the question of: Why do you want to walk into the shoes of an SL model?"

Will everyone who applies for the Heels Scholarship receive it?

"No, during each term one (1) winning applicant will receive the Heels Scholarship. Should Regal and I not find a good fit we will move the winner selection to the next term."

Photographer & Model: Morgan Whitfield

Do you have any suggestions how I can improve my chances of receiving Heels Scholarship?

"I would suggest for the applicant to know the Second Life modeling industry before they commit to it by talking to certified professional models around the grid. Also, attend free workshops given by Models Workshop and start understanding the industry we are in and what designers and agencies expect from us.  Most importantly, start developing your style from putting together outfits to knowing what skins, shapes and avatar components are out there.  Also visit pose shops like PosESioN and BAXE Group and familiarize yourself with the various poses out in the market!"

A warm thank you to Morgan Whitfield for her time & offering the Heels Scholarship at Regal Modeling Academy. Should you have further questions about the Heels Scholarship please look the the frequent asked questions below or go to the 'Scholarships' tab at the top of the website.


Q: How do I apply for the Heels Scholarship?
A: Please find detailed steps how to apply to the Heels Scholarship under 'Scholarships'

Q: How do I know my application & picture has been received for the Heels Scholarship?
A: Confirmation will be given by Morgan Whitfield (mmorganwhitfield) and/or  Zaks (showtoons1239 Zaks). Should you not hear any confirmation, the application and/or picture was NOT received.

Q: How do I know if I've been selected for the Heels Scholarship?
A: If selected you'll be announced on the Regal Modeling Website with your pictures & essay. Additionally Heels by Morgan Whitfield will adverse the picture you've submitted at their store & other social media.

Q: I have my Heels Scholarship but I missed my class at Regal Modeling Academy! What happens next?
A: Even with the Heels Scholarship, should you miss a class, the Student Rules & Requirements set by Regal Modeling Academy will apply to you.

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  1. This is a lovely interview, and Morgan, you are ever so kind and generous!