Thursday, October 29, 2015

500Ls or Less Happy Halloween!

Halloween is creeping up and what's better than a 500Ls or Less Halloween styling? I'd say not much! Since Halloween is almost here I'm going to give you a treat about one of our designers at the Regal Boutiques. The store is called Sweet Temptation. The creator and designer is the one and only Moonshine Allerhand. She's the creator, not only Sweet Temptations, but Gaall, Vaxer and Chic & Shoes is amazing.

In today's Halloween styling, Sweet Temptations has released Happy Halloween! It comes with an off shoulder mini dress with skeletons dancing in bandanna and headphone. Add the skeleton chocker in the shape of a hand & the above knee open toed boots and you are just about ready to head out! The cost for Happy Halloween? Try 99Ls!

But let's not forget the hair! Where to get amazing hair? EMO-tions! Picking up Nella will be perfect for this Halloween styling. There you have it a Happy Halloween styling for a grand total of 349Ls! You can't beat that!

I'd like to thank my photographer Sydney Blonde yet again for her amazing photography skills. This amazing photographer is one of the owners of IMPACT PhotoWorx. She is a diamond in the rough! Her prices are affordable and she always goes the extra mile to try to get your pictures done in the time frame you wish. Sydney has been taking pictures for over 7 years in SL and her skill is one of a kind. If you like the pictures in this post visit her flickr. Interested in hiring her? Contact her in world under Sydney Bonde. You won't be sorry you did!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Shannon Bramlington is Miss Azul 2015

On September 27th at 1PM SLT the crowing of Miss Azul 2015 took place. Regal would like to take this time and say congratulation to all the amazing contestants! Especially our very own Princess Shannon Bramlington, who has won the title of Miss Azul 2015.

Shannon says, "Miss AZUL was the only competition I've ever trained for. I've waited 4 years for this day. The AZUL Brand means that much to me. I didn't make this journey for myself. I did it for Mami, to honor my Dad, and for the AZUL Brand. Through the marketing, shows, and presentations, my integrity, character, and work ethic was what I did my best to give to AZUL. These are some of the qualities I hope will make me your Miss AZUL. My sincere gratitude to the judges, Mami Jewell, my mentor Eibhline, and to my Husband Blake. Thank you all!!"

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hawker's House - October's Feature Designer

Regal is honored to present to you our feature designer of the month, Hawker's House. Owner and creator Kaid Hawker has a collection of both woman and mens appeal that will leave you fashionable from head to toe. Come find vibrant colors of high quality clothes & accessories that will have people asking, 'where did you get that from?!' It's simple, Hawker's House! It's a one stop place for any lord or lady. What are you waiting for? Come by and pick up a new wardrobe today!

                                    Ads created by Skip Staheli: Hawker's House Ad & Hawker's House Ad