Meet the Regal Royalty

By Definition
The Monarchy - Owner(s)
Advisory - Management
Scholar - Modeling Instructor         
Scribe - Blogging             

The Monarchy - Eibhline Resident, Founder and Owner of Regal Modeling Academy & Agency. Read More...

The Monarchy & Academy Advisor  - Zaks (Showtoons1239 Zaks) Please see Zaks' Resume & Professional Experience. For Flikr Photos Read More...

Agency Advisor & Scholar - Gabie Meads
Please see Gabies' Resume & profession experience please look to her 'picks' in Second Life. For Flickr Photos Read More...

Scholar - Amity Sorbet
Please see Amity's resume & professional experience

Photographer - Anouk Lefavre Please see Anouk's work HERE!

Photographer - Alex Avion Please see Alex's work HERE!

Photographer - Sydney Bonde Please see Sydney's work HERE!

Photographer - Memory Thorne Please see Memory's work HERE!

Photographer - Mmorganwhitfield  Please see Morgan's work HERE!

Learn more about our photographers personnel of 2018!

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