Sunday, February 11, 2018

King & Queen of the Demos!

Regal Modeling Agency had a grand, 'Demo It Up Party!!!' with splendid DJ music from the lovely Lessa Tennant!

It has now come upon Regal Modeling Agency to make an announcement. Upon this day, the 13th day of January 2018, there was a crowning of two new monarchs as the King & Queen of the Demos. Behold the King Brian (BradanConaill Resident) & Queen Resmay (Meishagirl Resident)

Photographer: Gabie Meads
King Brian says in a prideful voice, "It is a honor to be accept the crown, and as your King I promise that no Demo shall go unused or languish in inventories in the folder we all have that we intend to purchases them and for fill their dreams of becoming real clothing"

He then looks at his queen saying, "My queen..." 

Photographer: Gabie Meads

Queen Resmay beams with happiness as she address her loyal demo subjects as well, "As my King Brian so eloquently spoke it is truly an honor to have been chosen for such an honor.  I only hope we can live up the the titles & the responsibility that lies ahead. Thank you to all that voted for us & thank you for allowing me the honor of being in such an amazing family."

Photographer: Gabie Meads

The room fills with applauses and cheers as 
King Brian offers his hand to Queen Resmay. They walk among the loyal demo subjects hearing their congratulations.

Photographer: Gabie Meads
Photographer: Gabie Meads

Gabie shouts, "Long live to the new Demo royal!!" 

Zaks adds, "long may they reign!" 

Morgan's voice follows, "Long Live the King and Queen!" 

Then another by Dresden, "Long may they reign!" 

Morgan then shouts loudly, "But if they mess up, off with their heads!"

King Brian & Queen Resmay of the Demos...long may they reign.

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