Saturday, March 24, 2018

What Does REGAL Mean?

You may have heard in Regal Modeling Academy & Agency's student applications, personnel application, castings, contests, and challenges that you must be REGAL, but what does that mean?

Regal isn't just part of our brand name but it stands for the values Regal Modeling Academy & Agency carries.

Mission Statement

Regal Modeling Academy & Agency encourages a foundation of dignified elegance, character, and knowledge to further enhance aspiring opportunities.

The Values of REGAL

All personnel, models, and students learn and live by our REGAL values of Reliability, Enthusiasm, Graciousness, Adaptability, and Loyalty. Our values are the foundation of what we do at Regal Modeling Academy & Agency and we all uphold these values even outside of SL.

Reliability - We are genuine when being counted on and will try our best to follow through in not only the fashion world, but in everything we do.

Enthusiasm - We are ambitious, eager, and inspired to learn no matter how much we may already know.

Graciousness - We are thankful for people who've helped us with present and future opportunities. We choose to help others who may not have the same opportunities as we did.

Adaptability - We are able to adapt to any given situation through maintaining a professional decorum while abiding by our own moral compass.

Loyalty - We are devoted and carry integrity to not only the company that we know has done right by us, but toward the actions of others who have earned it.

Resemble what you truly want to be... Regal.

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