The following testimonials are provided by Regal Modeling Academy & Agency alumni or other fashion designers, bloggers, and models from the world of Second Life. We humbly thank you for taking the time in sharing your thoughts about Regal Modeling Academy & Agency.

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An article review written by AmandaMagick: Color Me Virtual of Second Life ~Runway Fashion Show~

"Regal is professional and a great place to learn for both students and teachers. Each interaction with staff and students is a pleasure."

♛ Bloodwain Arun ♛ - Regal Scholar Alumni

"Regal is just that ...an Experience. Every Class was a new opportunity to learn and grow. I learned so much in my time at Regal and would recommend taking classes there to anyone. If you want a hands on experience into Modeling, Teachers that are patient and go the extra mile . Then Regal is the place to go. I mean Eibs herself stuck around and helped us with hair and poses just so we looked perfect for our final. Regal is an experience I'm glad I was a part of."

 ♛ Gracedsteel Resident ♛ - Regal Undergraduate Student

"I think Regal is an Elegant Academy, I'm glad I went all the way and took all the courses that Regal has to offer. Regal has the potential to bump out many of its competitors because the courses are informative, and through. They're Model Makers."

 ♛Shannon Hambleton (Bramlington) ♛ - Regal Advance Graduate & Regal Court Noble

"My trek of learning at Regal has been exciting, the class material covered is invaluable in my journey into modeling. The staff I have had so far have been great Eibhline and Aradia are great. The new palace building is awesome. Its been a lot of fun learning, and looking forward to learning all that I can and achieve all I can!"

♛ Az Mystiere ♛ - Regal Advance Graduate

"I enjoyed all of the classes that I took so far. They are not easy classes, you really have to work hard with every class that you take at Regal. Even though the classes are challenging, the professors are very kind, helpful and will help you with anything that you might need help with. The Professors there really want you to do your best in your classes and they push you to be the best that you can be. I have learned so much at Regal, enjoyed every minute of each class that I take and I am thankful that I am taking modeling classes there."

♛ Broadwaygirl1 Resident ♛ - Regal Student

"After coming back to Second Life following a long hiatus, I signed on for a basics refresher 101 course before jumping back into modeling. I was surprised that not only did I receive an excellent refresher in the basics of SL modeling, but also learned a few new tricks I had never even heard of! Thank you to Regal and to my instructor Eibhlíne. After this class, I feel ready to get back onto the runway!"

♛ Rusalka Callisto ♛ - Regal Basic Undergraduate Student

"I think Regal is wonderful. The staff is so friendly and helpful and the sim is absolutely beautiful and welcoming. I’m truly so very proud to be a student of Regal and am enjoying every minute of my journey of education at the academy. I also appreciate the fact that you go the extra mile to help your students as you did with me. You’re very dedicated to your students and your continued support means a great deal to me. Thank you."

♛ Avalon Chrome ♛ - Regal Advance Graduate

"A few weeks ago I walked into the offices of Regal and was immediately greeted by Eibhline (Owner & Founder of Regal).  After a brief chat and a tour of the Regal sim. I knew I was in the right place. All at Regal have a philosophy that all the SL Modelling family should be a strength to each other. They love to find and nurture new talent  in all facets of the industry. They showcase new and well-known designers. It actually matters to all at Regal. They also retrain and polish seasoned models who will tell you themselves that they learn so much here. Regal will help you find who YOU are not make you a generic doll. They are extremely committed to nurturing quality"

♛ Annaevida Resident ♛ - Regal Basic Undergraduate Student

"I personally want to give thanks to all my teachers and personal manager at Regal. I have been amazed at how well-organized and wonderfully explained everything has been. The class really has been wonderful. Thank you very much for your hard work and help during my studies. My knowledge and training has increased a lot here as a model, and I'm so glad and happy to be part of this wonderful family now. Many thanks and congratulations to and for this wonderful Modeling School. ~With Love, Negly."

♛ Negly Resident ♛ - Regal Basic Undergraduate Student

"I have found that Regal helped me with things I didn't know. As a seasoned model of 5 years, I was amazed, by just taking classes to refine my skills, that there were things that I had yet to learn. I feel the instructors took the time to teach and answer any questions.. It just wasn't a lecture like some schools. Lots of great information and skill building... I would recommend this to any model, seasoned or new.. you wont be sorry!"

♛ Laci Rossini-Washborne ♛ - Regal Basic Undergraduate Student

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