Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Style Fashionable For Only 650Ls

The temperature maybe be dropping but here in the far south we are still in the 70F or 21C. Recently released in December, Gaall has created Tartessos. What is Gaall? It's a fabulous store created by Moonshine Allerhand and is now founded at the Regal Bouitques. Her designs always leave you with wanting to shop more. I know when I shop at Gaall I end up looking amazing without feeling guilty about the lindens I spent. Why? Because it's always affordable, let me show you, Tartessos comes with mesh vest, mesh sandals, Lolas's top appliers, mesh & fitted mesh pants. Cost? 250L!

Accessories? Miam Miam Jewelry helped me out with Drop Hoop Earrings, Circle Charm Necklace, and Stripe Resin Bangles. Each 10Ls, but the best part isn't just the price, they are color changeable in 15 colors. Now how about adding some color to those beautiful eyes and lips? Silken Moon is one of the best places you can go, Smoochers lip color in Bloody Mary and Eclipse eyeliner in Basic will really make you shine with loveliness. Total cost? 100Ls

For 250Ls Fleur hair from Truth with gives this styling a chic finish. It comes with modifiable flowers that you can match easily with any styling.

AND ta-da! You have complete fashionable styling from head to toe for 650Ls

Sunday, December 28, 2014

RSC October Contest Winner

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Regal apologizes for this delay for the public announcement of the results for the Regal Boutique's Runway Style Challenge for the month of October. The contestants were judged on the following: Runway Skills, Styling, Classiness, & Inner Creativity. The judges had selected a winner on October 26, 2014. Though the contestants were notified after the judges deliberation, Regal is proud to present our  Reigning♛ Champion...

 Falinakatze Resident

Congratulations! Regal is honored to present you with the grand prize of 5,000Ls, 50% discount at Regal Academy, a professional picture of the winning styling, the title Reigning♛ Champion, and exposé to be featured on Regal's website. The exposé coming soon! 

Falinakatze expresses, "My inspiration for this outfit was a stroll in the park on a sunny fall afternoon after having afternoon tea with the Ladies. My outfit is elegant, comfortable, and chic for a fall look."

Saturday, December 27, 2014

DOTM December Contest Winner

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Regal is honored to announce our grand winner for December Regal Boutique's Dominus or Domina of the Month Contest. Contestants were judged on the following 3 topics: Style, Class, & Inner Creativity. Each topic is worth 10 points. Judges have deliverate and have selected...

Msblu Moonwall

as Regal Boutique's Domina of the December Contest. Congratulations! Regal is honored and proud to present to you, the title of Domina, your picture showcased at the landing point on Regal Estate SIM for the entire month of January, 1,000 lindens, and your image posed on the Regal Website. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to the Regal Nobility. This holiday card was made just for you. We wish you a safe and happy holiday! (Koko may sing it, and terribly, but the thought is there)

With Highest Regards,
Regal Monarchy

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Regal's Gala Today at 1PM SLT

On December 20th at 1PM SLT Regal will be holding a Gala where you can have some hotcoco, cookies, gifts, and great company. Come meet Regal students, models, instructors, designers, and even CEO's.

There will be music from the stunning Allania Zhora and amazing exclusive gifts from Hawker's House. The gifts will be given out to everyone that arrives wearing the Regal Patrons tag this group is free to join. We look forward to seeing you there!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Baby It's cold Outside !!

It may be cold outside but inside it will be warm and cozy during the snowy winter days.
Lets quickly run inside and have everyone's eyes on you as you walk in a room full of your friends.
Pop your boots off and sit near the cozy fire with some hot coco.
But be careful your bracelets and collar are a tad bit spiky ;).

Skin : Alterego - mayumi (Caramel)

Eyes : Buzz - Celestial Eyes

Hair : Exxess : PRIJA

Outfit : [ADN] LIKE AN ANGEL (Purchased on the Regal sim)

Bracelets and Coller: comes with the ADN outfit

Shoes : Wicca's Wardrobe - Octavia Boots (Regal Mall Gift) (Free gift for Regal patrons)
Regal:LM : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Regal%20Estate/112/128/24

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Regal's Ice Skating Gala - December 20th 1PM SLT

Greetings Lords & Ladies,

We honorably request your presence at our Regal Gala on December 20, 2014 at 1PM SLT. Should you attend, we shall provide ice skates, music, refreshments, and gifts. Tis the season to be jolly indeed!

With Highest Regards,
Regal Monarchy

Regal Boutiques: AdN Dollarbie Gift

A gentleman is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

AlaFolie @ Regal Estates


Dearly Deers

Today I want to formally introduce you to a well established designer who has been in Second Life for several years,complimenting our avatars with some of the most beautiful and unique designs. 

Pixivor Allen is the designer of Alafolie a brand of fashion. Pixivor being a painter in first life, offers you designs that are actually a masterpiece by her creative hand and head.
Handmade. Hand Textured.

Next to the clothing she has made a side brand for the jewelry pieces she created, called La Topasienne.

Regal is proud to say, that Pixivor Allen's Alafolie  designs are available at the Regal Boutiques in the Regal Estate.

Love, Emlies

Dress: AlaFolie - L'Espagnole
Jewelry: La Topasienne  - Diament Noir

* For a more clear look, click the picture or visit Regal ! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How Hot Can You Be in Gold

Omg even if it is winter time you still love going to a nice and sunny beach right ?
Well if you answer was yes then you are in allot of luck.
At the Regal sim is a new store of ADN and the gift of 1 linden only issssssss...
A smoking super over the top golden bikini.
And for those with lolas or a Phat/Cute azz it has the needed appliers.
So dont wait to long and hop on to Regal and grab that bikini.

Shape: Altergo -  I haley
Eye lashes: *GA*-   Mesh Lashes Divina
Eyes:{S0NG} :: Yuki~ Dark Blue Eye
Ears: [MANDALA] -  Stretched ears-Omimi
Hair:CATWA HAIR DaizyShades : Miel - BELLA PEEPERS
legs butt: Cute azz
Breats : Lolas deliq
bikini :[AdN] GOLDEN
Hands: Slink -  Casual hands
Nails: Hello Dave: Slink Avatar Enhancement- Festive Fades
Rings ::Diamante: Edge Rings - SLink Casual Hands - Boxed
Necklace :MG - Necklace - Isis Solar Magic - Short 2 - GOLD
Piercings :Cute Poison - Ova Piercings
Feet: Slink - low bare feet


Monday, December 8, 2014


It has been a hectic month – I have had no time to blog let alone scratch my nose. Inworld work at Regal has been keeping me busy as normal and I am very happy about that. But more than that I have been kept very busy with something else. He knows who he is.  Saw this lovely little number in one of our stores on the Regal Boutique Sims and just had to have it. From the great designer SHEY. Please come on down to check it out and more from SHEY and others we have on the sim.
Also a big thank you to Allania Zhora – Imagination is the Key Photography for the lovely pics this time :)

D E T A I L S:
Dress: SHEY- Katej Off Shoulder Dress
Shoes: Fashion Desire – Mesh ZEDHeels
Wrist Jewelry:RYCA- RYCA – Hand Chain Bracelet Cross-02 Platinum
Earrings: La Forgia Jewels *Ego Drop Earrings PLAT – Single Tone*
Hair: AD – qake (FITTED) – dark blondes

Friday, October 31, 2014

Forma Nails - November's Feature Designer

Regal is honored to present to you the feature designer of the month, Forma Nails.  Owner and designer Iiv Bing, creates breathtaking nails and accessories that will make you want more! Make sure your nails aren't overlooked, wear Forma Nails and they won't be. Come to Regal Estate today and don't think twice.

Regal hat die Ehre, zu Ihnen zu bringen das Feature Designer des Monats , Forma Nails . Inhaber und Designer Iiv Bing schafft atemberaubende Nägel und Zubehör, die machen Lust auf mehr wird! Stellen Sie sicher, Ihre Nägel sind nicht zu übersehen, Verschleiß Forma Nägel und sie wird nicht sein. Kommen Sie zu Regal Estate heute und nicht zweimal überlegen.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Face Paint - October's Feature Designer

Regal proudly presents this month's feature designer, Face Paint. The fabulously talented Eve Express, is the owner & founder of Face Paint. Her beautiful collection of makeup & nail sets will make your ensemble pop. With some many colors, what's not to love?

Eve's Face Paint is ready to make you glamorous. Visit Regal Estates today and add some glam to your style. Don't forget to pick up the complementary gift made by Eve for our Regal Patrons.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DOTM Contest Winner

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Regal is honored to announce our grand winner for Septembers Regal Boutique's Dominus or Domina of the Month Contest. Contestants were judged on the following 3 topics: Style, Class, & Inner Creativity. Each topic is worth 10 points. Judges have deliverate and have selected...

Ms. Annaevida

as our Septembers Regal Boutique's Domina of the Month Contest. Congratulations! Regal is honored and proud to present to you, the title of Domina, your picture showcased at the landing point on Regal Estate SIM for the entire month of October, 1,000 lindens, and your image posted on the official Regal website. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

PosESioN September's Feature Designer

Each month on Regal Estate, we select a feature designer. Our feature designer for the month of September is PosESioN.  Designer and owner Dahriel has amazing poses that will take you to the Regal level. Best of all, when you buy from this dazzling designer you will get 10% of the value of your purchase to your store credit. The store credit earned can be used on other purchases until 90 days. If you are a PosESioN group member you get 20% store credit.

That's not all! Dahriel has made an exclusive gift for the Regal Patrons group, six Regal poses that are unisex.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wicca's Wardrobe Regal Patrons Gift!

Wicca Merlin, is one of our amazing designers at the Regal Boutiques. She has shown impeccable taste in not only designing, but styling. We are honored that she has presented a new Regal Patrons group gift, exclusively for the Regal Boutiques, Octavia Boots in blue & white. Octavia Boots have a stiletto heel, silver accessories, and a whole lot of attitude.

Wear these boots and I'm sure you'll be singing or think of the song by Nancy Sinatra, "These Boots Were Made for Walkin"

-Author: Eibhline

Monday, September 1, 2014

Regal Boutique's Dominus or Domina of the Month Contest

We challenge you to be truly Regal by showing us your style, your class, and your inner creativity by becoming Regal Boutique's Dominus or Domina of the Month!


1. To be eligible for the contest please join the Regal Patrons group, this will grant you exclusive access to the Regal Estate SIM, exclusive items, and news about the contest.

2. Commitments of our Regal Boutiques select an attire or accessories on the Regal Estate SIM. These items must be showcased in the picture.

3. Unleash your inner royalty and style to present to the Regal Court in a picture.

4. Before September 25, provide the entry form containing the full permission picture to our notecard repository found at the Regal Impressions Building

Entries will be accepted until the 25th of each month. The top 10 finalist will be displayed in the Regal Impressions building for the week. This will allow others to admire the skills of the stylist and the judges to deliberate. The judges selected for this feat will be the Regal Monarchy, Regal Advisory, & honorable Guest Judges. The announcement of the Regal Dominus or Domina will commence on the last day of the month.

The champion will receive:

♛ The title of Regal Dominus or Regal Domina

♛ Their picture showcased at the landing point on Regal Estate SIM for the entire month.

♛ Their picture & title displayed on the main Regal website

♛ 1000 Lindens


Ladies & gentlemen, Regal looks forward to see you meet our challenge. Resemble What You Want to Be, Regal

With High Regards,
Regal Advisory

Friday, August 22, 2014

Regal Gala August 24th at 12pm SLT

I always wanted to be a model, but I don't have what it takes. I am so shy. I am ugly. I don't fit in.

Regal doesn't make you a cookie cutter model. They help you embrace your own unique self to be the best model out there.

On August 24th at 12pm slt Regal will be holding a Gala in which the campus will be open, and you will be able to speak to students, models, teachers, award winning models, and even CEO's. There will be music from the stunning Adriel Huntress who is also the designer of Prey. She has created a special gift to mark the occasion! This will be given out to everyone that arrives wearing the Regal Patrons tag this group is free to join.

The best time to start on your career is now and the Regal Gala will be the best place for you to start networking and getting your name out there to be become the superstar you deserve! Everyone deserves to be Regal so why not you?

Author: Nitefall Miles

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

*NEW ITEM* Skull- Ouch Shorts

Skull Design came out with a an new and exciting Ouch Shorts. These female short in maroon color with hot flames shooting up the sides to just show off those sexy muscular legs. Ouch Shorts have a beautiful leather belt with with leather straps on either side wrapping from the back to the front. You can match it with anything from a t-shirt to a button down dress shirt. These shorts are a must have on anyone's list.

I bet you going to ask about the price. I have the best price for you. These shorts are not going to set you back a few $L they are exclusively a group gift for Regal Patrons.

Its time to get your Regal on. So, stop in now at Skull Design and pick up your pair at Regal Boutique

Author: Nitefall Miles

Monday, August 11, 2014

Welcome Ghee to the Regal Boutiques!

The amazing talents of Warm Clarity-Jupiter & Beatrice Serendipity is finally on display! Where? At the Regal Boutiques! We are honored to have ghee part of the Regal kin. They have generously marked the occasion with the stunning Regal dress. The Regal dress is a form fitting sleeveless sheath dress with a remarkable metallic snakeskin texture, and is available now for only 10L! Make sure to drop by to grab it and see some of the most magnificient designs in SL.