Sunday, April 29, 2018

Announcing Regal Modeling Academy & Agency Closing

After four wonderful years of serving the fashion and modeling community, Regal announces it will be closing on July 27, 2018.  Regal Modeling Academy & Agency will be accepting our last set of 2018 students this May, no future 2018 enrollments will be accept beyond this month.

The closing of Regal Modeling Academy & Agency wasn't an easy decision to make however, I, Zaks (Showtoons1239 Zaks), have been accepted into a 2 year exclusive education program to teach for inner city schools. Unfortunately, I will not have the time to dedicate to Regal, as I feel needs to be in order to run a successful academy & agency.

Though Regal is closing and my time will be limited, I plan to remain in Second Life fashion world doing a few things such as modeling and personally mentoring future models. I thank each of you for your many years of support and service.

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  1. I'm very sad to know this news. Even so, I wish you all the best in your professional life and beyond. Regal will always be part of my dearest Second Life memories! Hugs and Love - Negly <3