Monday, November 27, 2017

Meet the Princes & Princesses of Regal Modeling!

Regal Modeling Academy takes pride in making princes & princesses of the fashion world. To earn the title of a Prince or Princess of Regal Modeling Academy students will have to pass the 6 courses that has challenge them to rule the fashion world. Once passed the Princes & Princesses of Regal Modeling Academy will receive their Advance Patent of Nobility.

Today we're going to introduce you to our crowned nobility and tell you what happened to them after they graduating from Regal Modeling Academy.

Do you think the crowning of the following Regal Princes & Princesses have earned their rightful place in the fashion world? Read below to find out!

Princess Aradia Aridian (Graduated: June 2015) - After graduating from Regal Modeling Academy, Aradia specialized in fashion writing & editing. She has written for: Penumbra, Ferosh, Solaris, BLVD, MVW, ICONIQ, AIM, Eclipse Magazine, Best of SL Magazine, Ghee, Aleutia, Aphrodite, Heart Homes, and Kawaii Life. She has furthered her education and graduated at Miss Virtual World Academy, Miss SL Academy, SCALA Modeling Academy, & One-on-One Modeling Academy.

Princess Avalon Chrome (Graduated: December 2014) - After graduating from Regal Modeling Academy, Avalon has continued her fashion adventure as a editorial photographer, model, and blogger. She is a graduate of Visionaire Institute and has landed the cover of Nu Vibez Magazine. She is currently a photographer instructor, blogger, and super model for Chop Zuey Couture. Other brands she blogs for are: Wicca's Wardrobe & Sascha's Designs.

Princess Az Mystiere (Graduated: May 2016) - After graduating from Regal Modeling Academy, Az became the owner of The Trans-Dimension Club where she is inspiring others to follow their pride in the transgender community. All the while she is a shopping addict that enjoys keeping up with the latest trends in the SL fashion world.

Prince Blake Hambleton  (Graduated: August 2016) - After graduating from Regal Modeling Academy, Blake has taken the fashion world by storm with DJing & modeling. Blake is a Regal, BLVD, and Audace runway model, that has DJed for Miss SL Organization, Regal Modeling Agency, Dallas Academy, Dirty Princess, Model's Workshop, Creations for Parkinsons and much more! He is currently a student at Metaverse Modeling Academy.

Princess Gabie Meads (Graduated: January 2017) - After graduating from Regal Modeling Academy, Gabie became a teacher at at Regal Modeling Academy & one of the managers of Regal Modeling Agency. Gabie has graduated from 'Fashion Modeling University' & is the coordinator of Color Me Virtual shows. She additionally is a photographer and is venturing into the designer world with her company called Chocolate.

Princess Memory Thorne (Graduated: November 2016)  - After graduating from Regal Modeling Academy, Memory continued her seasoned modeling ventures into the fashion world. She has added to her long model resume being a Models R Us, ICONIQ, and AIM model. You will always find her doing photography or blogging!

Princess Shannon Bramlington (Graduated: June 2015)  - After graduating from Regal Modeling Academy, Shannon became one of the manager of Regal Modeling Agency. She was crowed Miss Azul 2015 and is still reining in 2017. She's Ms. Sweethearts Model Director & Producer for 9 years. She additionally is a graduate & model of Versus High Institute. She is currently attending Ferosh Fashion Institute.

What will our future enrolled Princes & Princesses of Regal Modeling Academy become? Let's see by the end of 2018!

Resemble what you truly want to be... Regal.


  1. I'm so proud to be a part of Regal and wish all you much success!

    1. We are proud to have you with us Princess Avalon!