Monday, February 19, 2018

Welcome Our February Runway Styling Challengers!

The official list of February's Regal Modeling Runway Styling Challengers has been made and it's time to meet our Fairy Tale characters...

Disclaimer: The following quotes are written by the competing February models who've given permission to publish their descriptions. These descriptions provided will be judged as part of their total scores.

Virginia (understandingcomplexity) as Mulan, tells her tale...

"The story of Mulan is a legend, a fairy tale, and a folk tale of the Chinese people. The earliest recorded version, Poem of Mulan, was written between 386 and 533 A.D.  Mulan is a very courageous woman that goes to war instead of her father, and in disguise. Mulan is shown with traditional and ancient weapons, both the katana and the Chinese Dao sword. She is wearing traditional work shoes, the jikatabi.  Her armor and cloak are all artistic representations, as are her helmet and hair sticks and tattoo.  I really enjoyed creating a costume that was both beautiful and feminine yet made for war, in memory of this valiant Lady Warrior... Hua Mulan"

Resmay Bloodstorm (Meishagirl) as Big Bad Wolfs Wife, tells her tale...

"Once upon a time there was a happy little housewife, doing her husbands laundry humming away.  She looks at his shirt....wait!  That isn't her lipstick!  Upon confronting her big bad wolf husband, He confesses he is in love with another!!! The b*tches name is Little Red Riding Hood. This makes Resmay madder than fire! and She .says !!! how could you...I will take you to the she packs up her three adopted piggie children and goes to her mothers!  The little piggy children were misbehaving one day while she was at the lawyers filling out papers for child support, and so she tells them "don't make me get out the cookbook!  They make it through the divorce because the lawyer saved her bacon!!!!"

Dakota Lavarock as The Little Mermaid, tells her tale...

"This fairy tale was written by Hans Christian Anderson, a Dutch author, in 1837.  In his original story, The Little Mermaid was not a child, but a young woman of marriageable age. When The Little Mermaid turns fifteen, she is allowed to swim to the surface to see that world. She sees a ship having a birthday celebration for a handsome prince, whom she falls in love with from afar. A violent storm sinks the ship, and she saves the prince by taking him to shore, where he is found by a young woman from a nearby temple. The prince never sees The Little Mermaid nor realizes she has saved him. The Little Mermaid is sad and gets a potion from a Sea Witch that gives her legs and a soul. But, in exchange, she gives up her beautiful voice and will feel great pain when she walks. But, she will be able to dance like no human ever has before. Also, she must obtain the prince’s love and marry him; otherwise, she will die of a broken heart and turn to sea foam. The Little Mermaid goes to the surface, is found by the prince, and becomes his favorite companion. He likes to watch her dance, and she dances for him despite the terrible pain she feels with every step. The prince says he can only love the one who saved him, and he marries the young woman from the temple, a princess, thinking she is the one that saved him. The Little Mermaid’s heart is broken. As she awaits her death at dawn, her sisters come to her, bringing a knife they have gotten from the Sea Witch.  If she kills the prince and lets his blood drip on her feet, she will become a mermaid once more, all of her suffering will end, and she will live out her full life in the ocean. But, The Little Mermaid cannot kill the prince, and throws herself and the knife into the water. Her body turns into sea foam, but instead of ceasing to exist, she turns into an ethereal spirit and rises into the air. "

Sheila Style (sheilastyle) as Maleficent, tells her tale...

"Once upon a time, a long time ago, a King and a Queen wished to have a child for many years but could not have one. Until one day a child was born, a female, and they were so happy that they decided to invite all the fairies of the Kingdom for the happy event, which all made a gift to the princess...someone gave her the wisdom, someone the beauty, someone the skill in music and arts etc but suddenly came a bad fairy whom had not been invited, called Maleficent, who got angry for this and cursed the princess saying at the end of the day of her sixteenth birthday, she would be stinging with the needle of a spinning wheel and would be die. A present fairy, whom had not yet offered her gift to the child, could not undo this curse, but converted it into a 100-year-long sleep and she did it..."

The following Fairy Tale characters will take to the runway to enchant you to grant one of them the title of Reigning Champion. Who will it be? Join us on February 24 at 4PM SLT to discover who will cast the strongest spell on the judges.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

King & Queen of the Demos!

Regal Modeling Agency had a grand, 'Demo It Up Party!!!' with splendid DJ music from the lovely Lessa Tennant!

It has now come upon Regal Modeling Agency to make an announcement. Upon this day, the 13th day of January 2018, there was a crowning of two new monarchs as the King & Queen of the Demos. Behold the King Brian (BradanConaill Resident) & Queen Resmay (Meishagirl Resident)

Photographer: Gabie Meads
King Brian says in a prideful voice, "It is a honor to be accept the crown, and as your King I promise that no Demo shall go unused or languish in inventories in the folder we all have that we intend to purchases them and for fill their dreams of becoming real clothing"

He then looks at his queen saying, "My queen..." 

Photographer: Gabie Meads

Queen Resmay beams with happiness as she address her loyal demo subjects as well, "As my King Brian so eloquently spoke it is truly an honor to have been chosen for such an honor.  I only hope we can live up the the titles & the responsibility that lies ahead. Thank you to all that voted for us & thank you for allowing me the honor of being in such an amazing family."

Photographer: Gabie Meads

The room fills with applauses and cheers as 
King Brian offers his hand to Queen Resmay. They walk among the loyal demo subjects hearing their congratulations.

Photographer: Gabie Meads
Photographer: Gabie Meads

Gabie shouts, "Long live to the new Demo royal!!" 

Zaks adds, "long may they reign!" 

Morgan's voice follows, "Long Live the King and Queen!" 

Then another by Dresden, "Long may they reign!" 

Morgan then shouts loudly, "But if they mess up, off with their heads!"

King Brian & Queen Resmay of the Demos...long may they reign.

Friday, February 2, 2018

February Runway Styling Challenge!

Regal Modeling Academy & Agency welcomes you to enter our runway styling challenge! There's only ONE Reigning Champion! Do you have what it takes to become a Reigning Champion & keep the title for the full year of 2018? Keep the title Reign Champion and earn 5,000 - 20,000 lindens plus more prizes!

Click Here for More Information on Runway Styling Challenge OR Click on the Tab 'Runway Styling Challenge'

Sunday, January 7, 2018

New Scholar at Regal Modeling Academy!

Regal Modeling Academy & Agency is proud to announce our newest Regal Modeling Academy personnel: Amity Sorbet. Amity came to Regal Modeling Agency back in 2015 and we are honored to have her join the alumina at Regal Modeling Academy in 2018. Congratulations Amity! We are thrilled to have you!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

What's Happening at Regal Modeling Academy & Agency?

For 2018 Regal Modeling Academy & Agency would like to make things easier to anyone interested in current courses or events happening here.

Photographer: Zaks (Showtoons1239 Zaks)

At the Regal Modeling Academy Office there'll be a large calendar board! This calendar board will inform you of what Regal Modeling Academy classes are with; days, times & the name of the instructor teaching. As well as, The Regal Court's (Regal Modeling Agency) runway shows, events, casting, galas, and much more.

Each month there'll be new information on the happenings at Regal Modeling Academy & Agency... so be sure to check back!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Zaks (Showtoons1239 Zaks) in Second Life.

Resemble what you truly want to be... Regal.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Regal Modeling Academy & Agency Welcomes 2018!

If Regal Modeling Academy becoming a private school in January wasn't exciting enough for you, then this news will be! Regal Modeling Academy & Agency has a new location just in time for 2018!

Photographer: Showtoons1239 Zaks

Photographer: Showtoons1239 Zaks
Enter through the spring gates of new location of Regal Modeling Academy & Agency you will be greeted by 8 stone knights holding their shields & spears. The stone path smooth as you walk. The sound of trickling water pricks your ears. You did not need to look far to see between two oak trees laid a fountain. Within the fountain there stood a fierce stone woman knight in full armor to do battle. You let your eyes linger as the wind sweeps across the trees causing the leaves to sway as if beckoning you to come closer. Are you tempted to go?

You keep to the path and start to climb the few stone steps, finding two stone knights standing guard as you enter the courtyard. Slowly walking you see to your right & left there's mirroring stone steps leading somewhere. Should you venture to the left or right? You first take a step to the left catching a shape of a column but then take a step to the right noticing a stone figure carrying something. You stop short as a light hits your eyes.

Placing your hand up to block the light, you look to see where it's coming from. A gold plaque? Yes, it's a gold plaque, you squint your eyes to see what it says, as your feet take a step closer to get out of range of the reflection, it reads: Regal Modeling Agency Office.  Your hand drops down as you make a 'hmmm' sound recalling various sensational runway show conducted by the agency. You think on about the agency models that are different shapes & sizes. Looking below the gold plaque you see double white doors opened... as if someone was expecting you to come. Should you enter?

Photographer: Showtoons1239 Zaks
You then look to your right, realizing another pair of double white doors opened. Above it a second gold plaque reading: Regal Modeling Academy Office.  As you finished reading the other gold plaque the scent of fresh coffee and chocolate cake dance in the air. It was coming from the Academy Office, had someone been so thoughtful enough to provide refreshments for your visit? Should you find out and perhaps thank them? You already know the elite of the elite attend exculsive Regal Modeling Academy. They are hand selected through the application process and their alumnus members are apart of BLVD, Ferosh, Penumbra, Eclipse, crowned Miss SL 2017 & Miss Azul 2015 - 2017 and much more! Since this is the case the refreshments must be to die for! Should you enter to fill out an application while enjoying the refreshments?

Which direction will you take this New Year of 2018 with Regal Modeling Academy & Agency?
The choice is your and we'll be waiting for you! Happy New Year!

♛ - Apply - Regal Modeling Academy Application

♛ - Apply - Regal Modeling Academy Elite Application

Friday, December 1, 2017

Coming this January 2018!

Regal Modeling Academy is thrilled to announce in January 2018, we're becoming a PRIVATE modeling school. Regal Modeling Academy will personally hand select a number of applicants to attend 3 - 6 courses offered at Regal Modeling Academy. Students selected for Regal Modeling Academy can then earn their Basic Patent of Nobility (basic model certification) or Advance Patent of Nobility (advance model certification).

For more details on this exciting change, please read the questions & answers below, before applying to Regal Modeling Academy in January 2018!

Photographer: Showtoons1239 Zaks

Q: How do I apply to be a student at Regal Modeling Academy come January 2018?
A: Please fill out the Regal Modeling Academy Application and if selected someone will contact you for an interview.

Q: If I apply to be a student at Regal Modeling Academy, am I automatically in?
A: Unfortunately, everyone who applies will NOT be taken. Regal Modeling Academy is accepting serious models, who have a passion and drive to be a model.

Q: Is there a way to have one-on-one classes with my choice of instructor?
A: Of course! If you're interested in a one-on-one class with a certain instructor please use the Regal Modeling Academy Elite Application

Q: Why make Regal Modeling Academy a private school?
A: Regal Modeling Academy's mission is to help models who have a passion for fashion and a drive to be a model. By making Regal Modeling Academy a private school we'll be able to focus on the models needs & drives in smaller groups of 2-4 students in a classroom. Additionally we are able to offer more scholarships.

Photographer: Showtoons1239 Zaks

Q: Has the course prices at Regal Modeling Academy changed?
A: Yes, we're currently offering 3 packages:

♛ Package 1: Courses 101 through 301 = L$7,500Ls
♛ Package 2: Exam 101 through 301 = L$ 2,000 (MUST Pass)
♛ Package 2: Courses 401 through 601 = L$7,500Ls
♛ Package 3:Courses 101 through 601 = L$15,000Ls

One-on-one courses with your personal set times & choice of instructor are at a different price please see Regal Modeling Academy Elite Application

Q: On Package 2 it says, "Exam 101 through 301 = L$ 2,000 (MUST Pass)" what does this mean?
A: The courses 401 - 601 are counted as advance courses for advance models. These courses are not easy! To be able buy this package the student must enroll, be selected, then take the exam to test out of 101 - 301 courses.

Q: How many times can the exam for package 2 be taken?
A: Once. No exception! We ask you to be fully confident in your ability as a model BEFORE taking this exam. This exam will be based on the Regal Modeling Academy courses 101 - 301.


Q: What does Regal Modeling Academy courses 101 - 301 contain?
A: When you apply there's a course description on the application. You can additionally find this information under the course description tab.

Q: Will there still be a way to earn a scholarship?
A: Absolutely! Scholarships can be offered to those who show to Regal Advisory their desire and drive to learn about modeling. If you think you have this kind of desire & drive please contact Showtoons1239 Zaks in world.

Q: After I graduate from Regal Modeling Academy what then?
A: That's up to you! Each Prince or Princess of Regal Modeling Academy has gone and done different things around the SL fashion world.

Q: What have the Princes & Princesses (advance graduates) of Regal Modeling Academy, become in the SL fashion world?
A: Excellent question! Please look to the article: Meet the Princes & Princesses of Regal Modeling Academy.

If you have any other additional questions or concerns please contact: Zaks (Showtoons1239 Zaks)

Resemble what you truly want to be... Regal.