Monday, November 9, 2015

Caution! Regal Website is Updating

Greetings Lords & Ladies,

Regal apologizes for the mess seen on this site. We're currently moving to another page. In the mean time, if you have any questions please contact the following individuals for each Regal Branch. Thank you and have an amazing day.

With Highest Regards,
Regal Advisory

♛ Eibhline - Founder

♛ Showtoons1239 Zaks - CEO & Academy Advisor

♛ Shannon Bramlington - Agency Advisor

♛ Phacops Resident - Boutiques & Scribe Advisor

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Missing Summer Already

Just seeing this outfit made me think of the days of summer that are now getting further and further away. The artistic coloring on the skirt is amazing with it being accented by the turquoise top. Wearing it made me feel like I had to take a stroll on the beach... Another awesome outfit from Hawkers House at Regal Boutiques....

- - -

Ladies Mesh Simplicity Tee Aqua - Hawker's House @ Regal Boutiques

Ladies Mesh Skirted Leggings Splash - Hawker's House @ Regal Boutiques

She-Devil Fashionista Jewelry - Dressed by Lexi

[PF] Glossy Pout Lipstick <Dark> - Bubblegum - Pink Fuel

Exile:: Strange and Unusual - Natural Fusion - Exile

IKON Lucid Eyes - Industrial - IKON