Monday, January 1, 2018

Regal Modeling Academy & Agency Welcomes 2018!

If Regal Modeling Academy becoming a private school in January wasn't exciting enough for you, then this news will be! Regal Modeling Academy & Agency has a new location just in time for 2018!

Photographer: Showtoons1239 Zaks

Photographer: Showtoons1239 Zaks
Enter through the spring gates of new location of Regal Modeling Academy & Agency you will be greeted by 8 stone knights holding their shields & spears. The stone path smooth as you walk. The sound of trickling water pricks your ears. You did not need to look far to see between two oak trees laid a fountain. Within the fountain there stood a fierce stone woman knight in full armor to do battle. You let your eyes linger as the wind sweeps across the trees causing the leaves to sway as if beckoning you to come closer. Are you tempted to go?

You keep to the path and start to climb the few stone steps, finding two stone knights standing guard as you enter the courtyard. Slowly walking you see to your right & left there's mirroring stone steps leading somewhere. Should you venture to the left or right? You first take a step to the left catching a shape of a column but then take a step to the right noticing a stone figure carrying something. You stop short as a light hits your eyes.

Placing your hand up to block the light, you look to see where it's coming from. A gold plaque? Yes, it's a gold plaque, you squint your eyes to see what it says, as your feet take a step closer to get out of range of the reflection, it reads: Regal Modeling Agency Office.  Your hand drops down as you make a 'hmmm' sound recalling various sensational runway show conducted by the agency. You think on about the agency models that are different shapes & sizes. Looking below the gold plaque you see double white doors opened... as if someone was expecting you to come. Should you enter?

Photographer: Showtoons1239 Zaks
You then look to your right, realizing another pair of double white doors opened. Above it a second gold plaque reading: Regal Modeling Academy Office.  As you finished reading the other gold plaque the scent of fresh coffee and chocolate cake dance in the air. It was coming from the Academy Office, had someone been so thoughtful enough to provide refreshments for your visit? Should you find out and perhaps thank them? You already know the elite of the elite attend exculsive Regal Modeling Academy. They are hand selected through the application process and their alumnus members are apart of BLVD, Ferosh, Penumbra, Eclipse, crowned Miss SL 2017 & Miss Azul 2015 - 2017 and much more! Since this is the case the refreshments must be to die for! Should you enter to fill out an application while enjoying the refreshments?

Which direction will you take this New Year of 2018 with Regal Modeling Academy & Agency?
The choice is your and we'll be waiting for you! Happy New Year!

♛ - Apply - Regal Modeling Academy Application

♛ - Apply - Regal Modeling Academy Elite Application

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