Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Meet the Photographers of Regal Modeling 2018!

Photographer: Anouk Lefavre | Model: Rhiananna Janus

Regal Modeling Academy & Agency take pride in our Regal personnel. We understand each Regal personnel has their own individuality and talents that leaves a lasting impressions on not only Regal itself, but the people our personnel may or may not meet.

Luckily, Regal Modeling Academy & Agency knows our personnel very well but we also know outside of Regal some may not.  Today we wish to high light our very own Regal Modeling photography personnel of 2018.

Morgan Whitfield - Is one of Regal Modeling Academy & Agency's newest photographer personnel of 2018. Designer and owner of Heels by Morgan Whitfield, she shoots her own print ads and models on a daily basis. Recently Heels by Morgan Whitfield has paired up with Regal Modeling Academy to create a Heels Scholarship for future models. Morgan is additionally the owner & educator of Care and Hope Center, which is a nonprofit information HUB to instill awareness on the horrors of domestic violence and violence against women. Morgan has a heart of gold and Regal Modeling Academy & Agency is proud to have her with us!

Alex Avion - Has recently joined our Regal Modeling Academy & Agency photography personnel of 2018. Though he is new to the company of Regal, he is not new to the SL fashion world! Owner of AA Photography  his talents are never a repeat of what has been done, for his photography creates stories with a single snap. Alex's previous work has been with Nu Vibez, Diversity, Envy, Stuff groups, RFL & Stand4Love. Outside of photography Alex has been a model in SL for 10 years! Alex, Regal Modeling Academy & Agency is ecstatic to have you apart of the Regal family!

Anouk Lefavre - Isn't new at taking pictures for Regal Modeling Academy & Agency, for her recent work can be seen on March 5th in the publish of "Congratulations Dakota Lavarock." Anouk is a freelance photographer that follows her passion of photography. She often captures the beauty of SL landscapes that most people of SL overlook. We are delighted to have her as an official member of our photography personnel of 2018.

Memory Thorne - Also known as Princess Memory, has been apart of Regal Modeling Academy & Agency photography personnel since 2016. Memory's photography work can be seen in the recent Amazing Impressions Modeling runway show from January 2018 & Models Giving Back events. Though she's been in the fashion world close to a decade her talents are endless from photography to modeling. Regal Modeling Academy & Agency is over joyed she renewed her contract with us!

Sydney Garnet - Since 2014, Sydney has gifted Regal Modeling Academy & Agency with being one of our first personnel photographers. Sydney is a sensational photographer that leaves an impress immediately after you see her work! Along side her partner, Linc Garnet, they own IMPACT Photoworx, which is going strong for 9 years. Outside of the photography realm, Sydney is a semi-retired top model who's work is still talked about today! Regal Modeling Academy & Agency is thankful to have someone as loyal & hard working as her.

Resemble what you truly want to be... Regal

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