Monday, March 5, 2018

Congratulations Dakota Lavarock!

Through out the kingdom it is known Regal's Fairy Tale character winner is The Little Mermaid by Dakota Lavarock. Dakota enchanted the judges with her skills of runway sophistication, classiness, inner creativity, and the Fairy Tale theme. Should you have vanished without a trace on such a bewitching day, have no fear, for the magic mirror will turn back time and display! Should you have attended then it's time to meet the magical mermaid personally and hear her message for the new challengers who will fight for her title Reigning Champion in April!

In case you missed the runway challenge show, Dakota would first like to share her winning style card description with you!

"Dakota’s mermaid body parts and belt are from Jomo’s Female Naga set.  Her Little Mermaid Bra Pink is by FDD Stories.

Dakota’s accessories include Kio Kio’s Rare Oceanid Deluxe Bindi and also Starfish Kisses that she wears in her hair and on her cheek.  Also, in her hair, she is wearing Hextraordinary’s Teapot Hermit Crab with animation.  Her Shell Earrings in gold are from Amala.  Her adorable sand dollar Marlena Necklace 1 is from Tantalum, and Cae provides her Starfish Bracelets.

Additional accessories include LadyBunny’s Fantasy Bubbles2 to Wear, which you see rising in the sea surrounding Dakota.  The Sea Glitter in Strawberry color around her is from E.V.E.  And, circling slowly around, is the I’m Planet Fish School, pastel, from a.n.c.

And, to finish off this lovely ensemble, Dakota is wearing a body accessory from Izzie’s, the Body Beach Sand for Maitreya."

Photographer: Anouk Lefavre | Stylist & Model: Dakota Lavarock

What did you enjoy most about Regal's Runway Styling Challenge?

"Well, honestly, I loved the fact that it was so well organized, which allowed it to run quite smoothly. We all knew what to do, when to do it. I also really appreciated the work that went into making the lovely fairy-tale set."

Your fairy tale of choice was the Little Mermaid, was there a certain reason behind choosing this fairy tale and if so, why?

"I think mermaids are beautiful and graceful, uniquely different, and I wanted to portray that on the runway.  The story of The Little Mermaid as originally written by Hans Christian Anderson is a sad, bitter-sweet story, and I enjoyed sharing a glimpse of that story with others.

In that story, she is not a child, but a young woman of marriageable age who falls in love with a prince, and longs to belong to the world up above. She gets legs, which will always hurt her to walk, in exchange for giving up her voice. She must make the prince love her and marry her, or she will turn into sea foam and cease to exist. The prince marries someone else. The Little Mermaid's heart is broken, and, as she waits to die in the morning, her sisters bring her a knife. If she will kill the prince and let his blood drop on her feet, she will once again become a mermaid and live out her life in the sea. But, she cannot bring herself to kill the prince.  In the morning, she throws herself and the knife into the sea.  But, instead of ceasing to exist, she turns into an ethereal spirit and rises up into the air. So, even though she did not win the prince, she was rewarded for her goodness, instead of ceasing to exist. It is a wonderful story, I think."

How does it feel to be the Reigning Champion of Regal's Runway Style Challenge?

"Oh, my goodness!  It does really feel fantastic!  I honestly did not think I would win it, so when I did, I was completely amazed!  I have been walking on clouds ever since! The competitors were incredibly talented, and I knew I would have to put up a good fight!  I can't wait until April, when I will have to defend my title!"

Photographer: Anouk Lefavre | Stylist & Model: Dakota Lavarock

What would you like to say to the next challengers who'll be going against you in April?

"Hee, hee.  I would challenge them to do their very best, to make it a really great competition, and, to take the title IF they can! Additionally, on a more serious level, I would like to let them know that this is a very-well organized, professional competition, one that they will enjoy. The people they will work with are very kind, generous, thoughtful, and helpful.  It will be a very thrilling and fun experience."

AND... The Little Mermaid lived happily ever after. The End.


  1. Thank you for the congratulations and very nicely-done article! Thank you to all those at Regal that made this wonderful Fairy Tales event happen.

    Also, thank you Anouk for the fantastic photos! So nicely done! It was a pleasure to work with you while you took them.

    I just cannot wait for the next challenge! A little bird told me that this next challenge has never been done before, which makes it all the more exciting.

  2. You are most welcome for the article and thank you for entering the challenge. The next challenge in April WILL be something that's never been done before, but we can't share this until April 1st :0) The suspense in on! :-D

  3. It was my pleasure, Dakota! It was a delight to work with you, a beautiful and talented model. Hugs! <3

    1. Anouk, thank you so much for those warm words! It is such an honor! Hugs!