Saturday, February 24, 2018

Our Fairy Tale Character Winner is...

The Little Mermaid by Dakota Lavarock! Congratulations!

Dakota has earned the title of Reigning Champion, 5,000 lindens, a professional photoshoot, that will be displayed at Regal Modeling Academy & Agency for her reign, a 50% enrollment discount to attend Regal Academy courses and she'll be the featured article on the Regal Modeling website, which will be published for your viewing pleasure soon!

We'd like to thank the other Fairy Tale characters for their hard work & being apart of this enchanting challenge!

Resmay Bloodstorm

Big Bad Wolf's Wife by Resmay Bloodstorm (meishagirl)

Camisole - Tataka  by !gO!
Thong - Dariya by *PROMAGIC*
Headpiece - Wolf Spirit by PFC
ClawRing by SlackGirl
Bento Rings - Bayswater by Astralia
Nose Ring - Venus Septum Ring (Gold-Black) by Body Factory
Digi Paws by Catseye
Bearclaw Necklce by Grizzly Creek
Shoulder Tattoo - Wolf Moon by Star Fall
Eye Shadow - Ventum in Aqua by Vengeful Threads
Tail by Wet Rubber Neko
Digi Paws by Catseye
Pig - Playtime Piglet/Held (Tricolor) by JIAN
Pig - Playtime Piglet/Companion (Pink) by JIAN
Pig - Playtime Piglet/Companion (Black) by JIAN

Sheila Style

Maleficent by Sheila Style

Sheila is inspired by this tale, "The Sleeping Beauty", and personifies Maleficent. Her outfit consists of a black and tight dress, mix and match with 2 outfits by Lamu Fashion, inlaid with glittered white sequins and with a silk stripe worked on the breast and waistline and a mermaid skirt which extends along the legs, with glitter and spiderweb embroidery veils. She also wears black gloves, high-heeled shoes by N-Core and some accessories such as an headpiece with black/white flowers and horns, a magic staff and a black collar around her neck that widens in a half-pleated "gorgiere". Black hairbase with silver highlights, black bracelets by House Of Rain, black earrings by Tiffany Designs and ancient ring by EF, black gems above the eyebrows by Corporeal and finally a very strong make-up complete the outfit with a spider on her back, her faithful companion.


Cloak - !GO! ginko Maitreya
Belt - !GO! Ginko Maitreya
Katana- !GO! Ginko Ninja-to
Sword - Chinese Dao Sword
Hair Sticks (2) - Katatonik (spooky hair stick) Cloud Dragon
Shoes - Meli Imako full perm paw boots (Jikatabi)
Helmet and Hair - +Blasphemy+ Skirmisher helmet
Shoulder Armour =Zenith=Berserker Shoulder(Black) Maitreya
Gloves Upper Arm =Zenith=Berserker Gloves(Black) Maitreya
Gloves on Hands =Zenith=Berserker Gloves(Black) Maitreya
Pants and Top - Hilly Haalan [hh] Amani Jumpsuit Maitreya
Makeup - Genesis Universal Hud
Tattoo - RedFish-Chinoiseries Tattoo
Poses - Posesion

It was a hard choice for the judges to make! You each were bewitching! We hope you'll join us at our next Runway Styling Challenge in April for another chance to win the title... Dakota Lavarock will be waiting to accept your challenge! 


  1. Thank you for this wonderful honor. The contestants were all skilled and talented, making it a difficult challenge.

    Thank you to all the wonderful people involved for working so hard on this event, making it something really special. This entire event was very well-organized and flowed very smoothly. It was a pleasure to work in such an environment. It was clear that much hard work had gone into the lovely set, making it a magical retreat.

    I very much am looking forward to the next challenge in April, and I can't wait to learn what that challenge is.

    Thank you again to everyone!

  2. Thank you for the kind words Dakota! We look forward to seeing you in our next challenge! :0)