Runway Styling Challenge

Regal Modeling Academy & Agency welcomes you to enter our a runway styling challenge! There will be only ONE Reigning Champion! Do you have what it takes to become a Reigning Champion & keep the title for the full year of 2018?

Reigning Champion can earn from 5,000Ls - 20,000Ls plus more prizes!

Previous Month's Challenges

♛ April 1 - 21, 2018 | Theme: Most Influential People Who've Impacted Humankind | Reigning Champion: Kaid Hawker

♛ February 1 - 18, 2018 | Theme: Fairy Tales | Reigning Champion: Dakota Lavarock


1. Complete & submit application containing theme, dates, scoring, & waiver to publish.

2. Join the Regal Patrons group

3. E-mail a full body picture of your styling AND description style card to OR send a full perm picture AND description style card to Zaks (showtoons1239 zaks). If sending through SL, confirmation will be given by Zaks (showtoons1239 Zaks). Should you not hear any confirmation, the picture & description style card was NOT received. Submission deadline is BEFORE April 21, 2018.

4. Attend Rehearsal Date: April 27, 2018 at 5PM SLT  AND Contest Day: April 28, 2018 at 5PM SLT.


 - The Reigning Champion (1st place) -

♛ 5,000 Lindens   ♛ Professional Photo-shoot   ♛ Title: Reigning Champion

♛ The "Feature Post" on the Regal Modeling Website  (minimum of 1 week then mainstream post)

♛ 50% Enrollment discount at Regal Modeling Academy Courses

♛ Professional picture displayed at Regal Modeling Academy & Agency for their reign

- Runner-ups Candidates -

♛ An recognition article congratulating for competing on the Regal Modeling Website (submitted picture & style card description will be published)

♛ 25% Enrollment discount at Regal Modeling Academy Courses (1st time challengers only)


Q: How many times can I enter the Regal Modeling Runway Styling Contest?
A: As long as you meet the requirements & conduct professional Regal behavior, you may enter each month!

Q: How many times can I win the enrollment discount at Regal Modeling Academy?
A: Once, unless you place as a Runner-up candidate FIRST then win the Reigning Champion (making it twice).

Q: I'm a certificated model already, can I give my enrollment discount at Regal Modeling Academy to someone else?
A: You may, just inform Zaks (showtoons1239 Zaks) who you wish it to transfer too. Please be aware should this transfer take place you'll lose this discount for any future enrollment. Additionally, having a Regal Modeling Academy certification will lead to other opportunities with Regal Modeling Academy & Agency.

Q: I'm the Reigning Champion! What's next?
A: You will have to defend your title. This means you'll be going against the next selected months candidates. If you win again, you'll receive all the prizes again except the 50% Enrollment discount at Regal Modeling Academy Courses.


Ladies & gentlemen, Regal Modeling Academy & Agency is looking forward to see you meet our challenge. Should you have any questions please contact Zaks (showtoons1239 Zaks) or Amity Sorbet.

Resemble What You Want to Be, Regal

With High Regards,

Regal Modeling Advisory

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