Monday, November 9, 2015

Caution! Regal Website is Updating

Greetings Lords & Ladies,

Regal apologizes for the mess seen on this site. We're currently moving to another page. In the mean time, if you have any questions please contact the following individuals for each Regal Branch. Thank you and have an amazing day.

With Highest Regards,
Regal Advisory

♛ Eibhline - Founder

♛ Showtoons1239 Zaks - CEO & Academy Advisor

♛ Shannon Bramlington - Agency Advisor

♛ Phacops Resident - Boutiques & Scribe Advisor

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Missing Summer Already

Just seeing this outfit made me think of the days of summer that are now getting further and further away. The artistic coloring on the skirt is amazing with it being accented by the turquoise top. Wearing it made me feel like I had to take a stroll on the beach... Another awesome outfit from Hawkers House at Regal Boutiques....

- - -

Ladies Mesh Simplicity Tee Aqua - Hawker's House @ Regal Boutiques

Ladies Mesh Skirted Leggings Splash - Hawker's House @ Regal Boutiques

She-Devil Fashionista Jewelry - Dressed by Lexi

[PF] Glossy Pout Lipstick <Dark> - Bubblegum - Pink Fuel

Exile:: Strange and Unusual - Natural Fusion - Exile

IKON Lucid Eyes - Industrial - IKON


Thursday, October 29, 2015

500Ls or Less Happy Halloween!

Halloween is creeping up and what's better than a 500Ls or Less Halloween styling? I'd say not much! Since Halloween is almost here I'm going to give you a treat about one of our designers at the Regal Boutiques. The store is called Sweet Temptation. The creator and designer is the one and only Moonshine Allerhand. She's the creator, not only Sweet Temptations, but Gaall, Vaxer and Chic & Shoes is amazing.

In today's Halloween styling, Sweet Temptations has released Happy Halloween! It comes with an off shoulder mini dress with skeletons dancing in bandanna and headphone. Add the skeleton chocker in the shape of a hand & the above knee open toed boots and you are just about ready to head out! The cost for Happy Halloween? Try 99Ls!

But let's not forget the hair! Where to get amazing hair? EMO-tions! Picking up Nella will be perfect for this Halloween styling. There you have it a Happy Halloween styling for a grand total of 349Ls! You can't beat that!

I'd like to thank my photographer Sydney Blonde yet again for her amazing photography skills. This amazing photographer is one of the owners of IMPACT PhotoWorx. She is a diamond in the rough! Her prices are affordable and she always goes the extra mile to try to get your pictures done in the time frame you wish. Sydney has been taking pictures for over 7 years in SL and her skill is one of a kind. If you like the pictures in this post visit her flickr. Interested in hiring her? Contact her in world under Sydney Bonde. You won't be sorry you did!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Shannon Bramlington is Miss Azul 2015

On September 27th at 1PM SLT the crowing of Miss Azul 2015 took place. Regal would like to take this time and say congratulation to all the amazing contestants! Especially our very own Princess Shannon Bramlington, who has won the title of Miss Azul 2015.

Shannon says, "Miss AZUL was the only competition I've ever trained for. I've waited 4 years for this day. The AZUL Brand means that much to me. I didn't make this journey for myself. I did it for Mami, to honor my Dad, and for the AZUL Brand. Through the marketing, shows, and presentations, my integrity, character, and work ethic was what I did my best to give to AZUL. These are some of the qualities I hope will make me your Miss AZUL. My sincere gratitude to the judges, Mami Jewell, my mentor Eibhline, and to my Husband Blake. Thank you all!!"

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hawker's House - October's Feature Designer

Regal is honored to present to you our feature designer of the month, Hawker's House. Owner and creator Kaid Hawker has a collection of both woman and mens appeal that will leave you fashionable from head to toe. Come find vibrant colors of high quality clothes & accessories that will have people asking, 'where did you get that from?!' It's simple, Hawker's House! It's a one stop place for any lord or lady. What are you waiting for? Come by and pick up a new wardrobe today!

                                    Ads created by Skip Staheli: Hawker's House Ad & Hawker's House Ad

Friday, September 25, 2015

DOTM Contest is Back in October!!

It's finally back! Starting October 1st thru the 25th Regal will be accepting entries for The Regal Boutique's Dominus or Domina of the Month contest! Please read below for more information.

We challenge you to be truly Regal by showing us your style, your class, and your inner creativity by becoming Regal Boutique's Dominus or Domina of the Month!


1. To be eligible for the contest please join the Regal Patrons group, this will grant you exclusive access to Regal's exclusive items, and news about the contest.

2. Compliments of our Regal Boutiques select an attire or accessories on the Regal location. These items must be showcased in the picture.

3. Unleash your inner royalty and style to present to the Regal Monarchy & surprise judges in a picture.

4. Before the 25th of each contest month, provide the entry form containing the full permission picture to Msblu Moonwall.

Entries will be accepted until the 25th of each month. The top 10 finalist will be displayed in the Regal Impressions building for the week. This will allow others to admire the skills of the stylist and the judges to deliberate. The judges selected for this feat will be the Regal Monarchy, Regal Advisory, & honorable Guest Judges. The announcement of the Regal Dominus or Domina will commence on the last day of the month.

The champion will receive:

♛ The title of Regal Dominus or Regal Domina

♛ Their picture showcased at the landing point at the Regal location for the entire month

♛ Their picture & title displayed on the main Regal website

♛ 25% discount at Regal Academy

♛ 1000 Lindens


Ladies & gentlemen, Regal looks forward to see you meet our challenge. Resemble What You Want to Be, Regal

With High Regards,
Regal Advisory

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Enrollment is Officially Open!

Greetings Lords & Ladies,

Regal is proud to announce fall enrollment is officially open from September 23 - December 21. Where is Regal located at? Regal is across from Sweethearts Jazz Club. You're welcome to visit Regal Academy & Agency anytime! Once there you'll find Regal's experience teachers eagerly awaiting to teach you! Want to learn more about Regal staff? To the right of this post you'll find 'Regal Personnel' with hyperlinks to Regal staff information. What about hearing from other students about Regal Academy? Check out our Testimonials from Regal staff, students, and alumni. How do I sign up? To apply today please complete our Student Application. What if I want private lessons? Not a problem! Please complete our Private Lesson Application.  Does everyone get accepted into Regal? Sadly not everyone does get accepted into Regal. If you are selected to join our ranks, you'll be contact within 3 business days. If you have any further questions please contact Academy Advisor Az Mystiere or Owner & Founder of Regal Eibhline in world. We'd be happy to assist and look forward to hearing from you.

With Highest Regards,
Regal Advisory

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Who Will Be The Next Miss Azul 2015?

The last reign of a Miss Azul was in 2011, won by the talented Ponchituti Boucher. In 2015, Mami Jewell has opened her doors for the next Miss Azul 2015. But who will win this title?

Regal would like to announce Princess Shannon Bramlington was hand selected by a group of judges as a Finalist for the title of Miss Azul 2015.

Regal is honored to have Princess Shannon Bramlington among the Miss Azul Finalists. As a student Shannon showed such dedication and passion toward her studies. A dream she's had for years is to give back to Mami Jewell by being the next Miss Azul. Regal is delighted Shannon is battling for her dream even with emotional obstacles occurring in RL at the start of this contest. Shannon is an inspiration and define's what being Regal is: "of resembling, or fit for a monarch, especially in being magnificent or dignified."

Miss Azul 2015 has been underway since, March 2015 and by September 27th the crowning of the next Miss Azul 2015 will be made. At this present time, the Miss Azul 2015 Contest has extend an invitation, for a public vote! Out of the Miss Azul 2015 Finalists, who do YOU think should win? Voting has opened TODAY until September 22, 2015.

                                                 [Pictures above taken by Magissa Denver]

Monday, September 14, 2015

Did You Hear About Duchess Falinakatze?

The Miss Virtual World's contest challenges has started and Regal's very own Duchess Falinakatze is Miss Australia 2016!  There first runway challenge was on August 1st and the final challenge will be on November 21st. Regal would like to take this time to wish one of our accomplished students, Duchess Falinakatze, the best of luck in the contest!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Regal Has Gone Electronic!

Greetings Lords & Ladies,

Regal has gone electronic! Find all your applications needs with a simple click of a hyperlink. No notecard and inventory space required! Find everything you need within these links such as class fees, class description, list of instructors, class time estimates, and more. Just select from the application hyperlinks below, fill out the application, hit submit and you're finished. We humbly thank you for filling out any of the following applications. Please know that not everyone will be accepted. If you are selected to join our ranks, you will be contacted within 3 business days.

With Highest Regards,
Regal Advisory

♛ Management Application                                      ♛ Scholar Application

♛ Pupil Application                                                   ♛ Private Lesson Application

Monday, July 27, 2015

Press Release! Regal's Anniversary & Moved!

On July 27, 2014 Regal had it's grand opening! Officially one year later we are excited and pleased to announce that Regal has found it's home on one of Sweethearts Jazz Club SIMs

In early 2015 Regal's Eibhline and Sweetheart's Shannon Hambleton & Blake Hambleton had teamed up and Regal had become the official Modeling Academy for Sweethearts Jazz Club.

As you all know, Sweethearts Jazz Club holds their Ms. Sweethearts Pageant twice yearly with prizes of 100,000 Ls!! With Regal offering their services to them and their beautiful participants it was only natural to set home at Sweethearts too.

With Regal being exclusive but not limited to Sweethearts we invite you to visit our new home and perhaps you too would like to resemble what you truly wish to be!

Find our new home at Sweethearts II: Regal Academy & Agency

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Beach Rrrready in Ydea Style!

Bay Beach Multicolour 3 quarterBay Beach Multicolour 3Bay Beach Multicolour 1Bay Beach Multicolour 2
(Each item comes in 10 colour options, so you can mix and match your vest, top and pant to your mood)

GAALL* Sabrina Outfit


Full Outfit- GAALL* Sabrina Outfit
LM- ..::.. Regal ..::.., Regal Estate (112, 97, 24)
Price- 250L$

Outfit Includes:
  • Dress
  • Shoes for SLink High Feet & Belleza
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Texture Changing HUD


Hair- .:EMO-tions:. * LOREDANA * reds-pack
LM- EMO - tions -  EMO CITY MALL : H, Hells End (127, 116, 21)
Price- 245L$


Necklace- :::Krystal::: Love Key - Necklace - Platinum - MultiJewel
Price- 150L$

Bracelet- EarthStones Diamond Bangles - Platinum (BOX)
Price- 299L$

Friday, May 29, 2015

Sweet Temptations ::Ashbury


Full Outfit- Sweet Temptations :: Ashbury
LM-  ..::.. Regal ..::.., Regal Estate (16, 69, 23)
Price- 299L$

Outfit Includes:
  • Top
  • Trousers
  • Belt
  • Sandals for SLink Flat Feet
  • Texture Changing HUD


Hair- Exile::Bad Reputation Reds
LM- EXILE - Shine - Treads @ Covet, Covet (133, 93, 29)
Price- 250L$


Price- 250L$

Necklace- *MM* Feather Jewelry Set
Price- 10L$

Thursday, April 30, 2015

DOTM April Contest Winner

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Regal is honored to announce our grand winner for April Regal Boutique's Dominus or Domina of the Month Contest. Contestants were judged on the following 3 topics: Style, Class, & Inner Creativity. Each topic is worth 10 points. Judges have deliberate and have selected...

Mr. AlexAvion Resident

as Regal Boutique's Dominus of the April Contest. Congratulations! Regal is honored and proud to present to you, the title of Dominus, your picture showcased at the landing point on Regal Estate SIM for the entire month of May, 1,000 lindens, 25% discount at Regal Academy, and your image posed on the Regal Website. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

DOTM March Contest Winner

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Regal is honored to announce our grand winner for March Regal Boutique's Dominus or Domina of the Month Contest. Contestants were judged on the following 3 topics: Style, Class, & Inner Creativity. Each topic is worth 10 points. Judges have deliberate and have selected...

Ms. Hillie Delicioso

as Regal Boutique's Domina of the March Contest. Congratulations! Regal is honored and proud to present to you, the title of Domina, your picture showcased at the landing point on Regal Estate SIM for the entire month of April, 1,000 lindens, 25% discount at Regal Academy, and your image posed on the Regal Website. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dearly Deers,

Newness in the Regal Boutiques.
Kiharu is a short dress including a deep cleavage.The texture used, together with the waist of this garment which has an attached obi alike band with a cute black bow on the back, reminds directly of Asia. I am sure Moonshine Allerhand, designer of Gaall got inspired by this beautiful continent.Besides the dress, included are the shoes.The color of course matches exactly with the dress.This together comes at a very reasonable price of only 99L$ at the Gaall Boutique located at REGAL Boutiques

L’amour et lumière,

 Hair: Argrace - Kaoru - Auburn (Upper Part)
 Hair: Argrace - Riley - Auburn (Lower Part)
 Nail Polish:  DaneMarkZ - Mani Pedi Black Velvet

 Dress: Gaall - Kiharu
 Shoes: Gaall - Kiharu
 Hairpin: NH - Kanzashi Kana Type C
 Umbrella: Milky House - Wa Kasa Shunghei Josho
 Fan: Gauze - Ishiko Kimono Fan

 Eternal Dream - Alea 03


 CB's Rouge 3 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gaall gets "Hip" this Spring!

Gaall at the Regal Estate shopping center is fast-becoming my go-to store for high quality, reasonably priced designs. Their newest release called, "Hip" is fun dress that not only comes with a Texture changing HUD that offers a selection of three different textures, but it comes with matching shoes too. You can't go wrong with this trendy and "hip" mesh outfit.

The shoes change textures to match the dress when you change the dress textures with the HUD. So really, for the low price of 99L, you get three fabulous dresses and three pairs of awesome shoes. Thank you Gaall!!

I love the amazing texture and detail of these shoes (for Slink feet) that come with this outfit. Check out the detail in the zippers at the heel!

And you just know I gotta have my Chop Zuey Jewellery!

These stunning jewellery pieces from Chop Zuey are perfect for spring!
These stunning jewellery pieces from Chop Zuey are perfect for spring!
Here are the three different textures the dress comes in. GORGEOUS!
GAALL_ Hip outfit Pic
Photo courtesy Gaal


Outfit: Hip by Gaall (at Regal Estates)
Jewellery: Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright Bracelets and
A Big Spring Ring by Chop Zuey
Eyes: IKON ~Lucid Eyes ~ Maldives
Hair:  Warpaint - Variety/Ombre/Eccentricn by Lamb
Photographer/Model: Avalon Chrome

Saturday, February 28, 2015

DOTM February Contest Winner

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Regal is honored to announce our grand winner for February Regal Boutique's Dominus or Domina of the Month Contest. Contestants were judged on the following 3 topics: Style, Class, & Inner Creativity. Each topic is worth 10 points. Judges have deliverate and have selected...

Ms. Novaleigh Freng

as Regal Boutique's Domina of the February Contest. Congratulations! Regal is honored and proud to present to you, the title of Domina, your picture showcased at the landing point on Regal Estate SIM for the entire month of March, 1,000 lindens, 25% discount at Regal Academy, and your image posed on the Regal Website. 

Alafolie - March's Feature Designer

Regal is honored to present to you our feature designer of the month, Alafolie. Owner and creator Pixivor Allen has dazzled us with her designers. Each design has been created personally. How? She makes her own mesh designs that can only be found with her brand Alafolie. Not only that, if her alpha doesn't fit you, send her your stats and she'll make one that will. She is a designer who goes the extra mile and puts her clients first. Not to mention, her creations are a piece of work that will have people ask 'Where did you get that?'. Where? Alafolie! Give your friends something to talk about and stop by the Regal Boutiques to pick something out today.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wild Thing! You Make My Heart Sing!

From Gaall, at the Regal Boutiques, this Wild Style made me think of the Wild Thing song! With skin tight black leather pants, mid-drift animal print jacket in zebra, and stripy high heel to match the jacket it would make anyone want to wear it out. Don't have you sold yet? How about the cost is 250Ls and yes shoes are included. But let's not stop there...

Wanting to keep to the zebra theme I popped over to Chop Zuey to pick up Power Illusion in... you guessed it zebra. Wanting to add a touch of naughtiness, I placed the Tattoo Red Rose, from Irish Touch of Magic, across the left breast. Then thankfully, Truth had a crop cut of light blonde Lunara hair to pull it all together.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Wicca's Wardrobe New Exclusive Gift

I can't keep this exclusive gift a secret! I really can't! Wicca, this was worth the wait! It's a must have and it's just in time for Valentines Day too. What am I talking about? Let me tell you! Wicca's Wardrobe has released an exclusive gift at the Regal Boutiques called Valentina Dress in rose.  Add Lemon hair from Magika & a Georgina Hat from Zibska, and you have a styling fit for royalty. To get this amazing exclusive Valentina Dress gift join the Regal Patrons group and it could be yours. No cost to join the group just click the hyperlink below for Wicca's Wardrobe and away you go! oh, and full styling cost? 450Ls...happy shopping!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Stunning Group Gift by GAALL at Regal

There's a new fashion designer on the grid and wow, what a talent! I predict we're going to see a lot more of Gaall fashions and designer Moonshine Allerhand in the future.

A wonderful example of this designer's talent is seen in this month's Gaall group gift at Regal. Have a look at the amazing textures, style and quality of this outfit which includes a poncho and matching corduroy jeans.
Gaal Poncho CU 1024
Galloway is the February Group Gift at GAALL- Regal Estates
Notice the pattern in the poncho is a lovely combination of purples,black, off-white and green. I've chosen the "Chromatics" earrings and bracelets from Chop Zuey because it comes with a texture changing HUD that makes the set go with almost everything! I also added a funky little diamond stud-also from Chop Zuey.

Gaal Poncho full
The matching jeans have a ribbed corduroy texture--perfect for a winter stroll on the beautiful HippiePark winter sim.

WW boots1024

I absolutely LOVE these trendy boots by Wicca's Wardrobe. They also come in another funky gray pattern and a cool red "Nightmare Before Christmas" pattern.


Poncho & Jeans: Group Gift: Galloway by GAALL (at Regal)
Boots: Wicca's Wardrobe - Cleora
Jewellery by Chop Zuey:
Chromatics texture changing set
Nose Diamond
Eye Makeup: PICHI ~ SPARKLE Eyeliner [black]
Eyes: IKON ~Utopia Eyes ~ Deep Mint
Hair attachment: Amacci ~ Hair Karen ~ Jet Black
Nails: DP - Koffin Nails ~ Slink Nails HUD ~ Modern Grid
Winter Sim: HippiePark
Photographer/Model: Avalon Chrome

Press Release! Sweethearts and Regal Team Up!

It is our greatest honor to announce that Regal has become the official Modeling Academy for Sweethearts Jazz Club. As you all know, Sweethearts Jazz Club holds their Ms. Sweethearts Pageant twice yearly with prizes of 100,000 Ls!! If you haven't heard of it, then you have been missing out, since it is known throughout the land! Sweethearts is run by the lovely Shannon Hambleton & debonair Blake Hambleton. We are proud to offer our services to them and their beautiful participants! These participants will have the privilege of becoming what they truly want to be! Please see the pageant area at Sweethearts Jazz & Romance Club. Their pageants are legendary!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

RSC January Contest Winner

Ladies & Gentlemen,

The results for the Regal Boutique's Runway Style Challenge for the month of January are in. The contestants were judged on the following: Runway Skills, Styling, Classiness, & Inner Creativity. The judges have deliberated and Regal is proud to present our  Reigning♛ Champion...

Manis Lane

Congratulations! Regal is honored to present you with the grand prize of 5,000Ls, 50% discount at Regal Academy, a professional picture, by Sydney Garnet as seen below, of the winning styling, the title Reigning♛ Champion, and exposé to be featured on Regal's website. The exposé coming soon! 

Manis Lane says, "the name of Regal stuck in my head when she created this style, she thinks of something elegant, classy, demure and beautiful. With this in mind, she picked a gown to represent that idea, choosing black because it is classic and simple Jewelery to keep it Regal. This sumptuous dress in silk and lace shows some sexiness and style for any formal occasion. She has paired this with Eilifu Black Set from Chop Zuey using earrings, choker and bracelet." 

Wicca's Wardrobe - February's Feature Designer

Regal is honored to present to you our feature designer of the month, Wicca's Wardrobe.  Owner and designer Wicca Merlin has taken SL by storm with her fabulous designs. Her designs contain unique shoes, clothes, and accessories. No matter what you buy, you will come out looking wickedly fashionable! Want to stand out from the crowed? Wicca's Wardrobe is the place for you with 15 new release items at the Regal Boutiques now. Don't forget the exclusive gift for the Regal Patrons! You'll be ready for some jaw dropping fashion.

Fusion of Fashion...

Exciting news! I found three outfits and three boots to match in one outfit. I know... what's the big deal right? How about it was in a pack that costs 250Ls? That's right! 250Ls! Gaall has done it again with her amazing designer including this Fusion Outfit, now at the Regal Boutiques. Once bought, you will get one pair of boots, half shirt, and booty shorts in xxs, xs, s, m, l. You will also get a HUD that shows each three the full outfits. One click and it's changed! In the picture, I am wearing pinup girl print jean half shirt and jean booty shorts. Other prints offered in this pack is snake skin print half shirt with khaki booty shorts and leather half shirt & booty shorts. Of course don't forget the knee high boots that match perfectly for each outfit included. But that's not all! This pack of outfits is Lola friendly. 

I wanted to keep this styling simple as if it was a pinup girl meets a modern day girl, thus I added Tulip hair from Truth. This hair style gives it a sweet twist giving it a 1940s feel to it. 

Oh I forgot, this complete styling is... 500Ls. Whatcha waiting for! Ready? Set? Shop!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Wicca's Wardrobe New Release!

I wanted to show my punk side today. Wicca's Wardrobe helped me out with their newest release at the Regal Boutiques called Horizon Jacket and Ares Pants. The detailed accessories on the Horizon Jacket and Ares Pants is amazing. It's so realistic! It might be the vibrant plaid color on the collars, pockets, and flair bottoms. Or it could be the belt. How about the pants chain dangling behind? No, I got it! It's the zippers, straps, studs, and rings! Okay, Okay, maybe it's each piece that makes it is so amazingly realistic. But that's not all. Both creations come with eight changeable colors, and price? How about,  295Ls each. In total for the full Horizon Jacket and Ares Pants 590Ls. Worth it? Most definitely!

Wanting to keep the punk style going I headed over to Truth to find Holly. I've never had black hair before, so it was a nice change! Tipped with blue it helped draw out the plaid of blue and green. Next something around my neck. Now I didn't want to go with the 'normal' necklaces, I wanted something catchy. I headed over to [MANDALA] and ta da! The unisex Smexy Tie Necklace drew me right away. Selecting it and then moving onto shoes. I will say at first finding the type of shoes I had in mind took a minute until I recalled HOC. HOC sells a mix of affordable accessories and shoes. There I found the Lowtops and it was easily changeable to 9 colors. Cost? 50Ls.

Though this post isn't under 500Ls for the full styling, it's still considered to be a skater punk styling to have in any wardrobe.  Don't you think? If you have any questions about this styling please don't hesitate to contact me in SL. Thank you

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Date Nights Are Coming!

February is almost here, which means a lot of date nights! Are you looking for something sexy but classy? Look no further! Gaall has just release Casablanca and can now found at the Regal Boutiques! The dress starts has a vibrant bodice with a lovely plunging neck line. As you travel down the dress it clings to the curves of any ladies body and it finishes in a chic black skirt. Now the dress is check! What about the shoes? Don't worry Gaall has you covered! Casablanca comes with black closed toed shoes laced in the back and tied with a bow.

Since it's a date, let's do some soft curls Gone hair from Magika. Oh shoot! You forgot your contact! Thankfully you have TITB Mesh Black Glasses for Kemono.  Look in the mirror once more before you go on your date and you will see a sexy, classy, ensemble that will make your date smile from ear to ear.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Jungle Safari in Sweet Temptations & CZ

A Jungle Safari in Sweet Temptations & CZ

by Avalon Chrome

I decided to cross something off on my bucket list today--to come face to face with an elephant. I'll tell you more about that amazing experience later. But first let's talk fashion.

How to Dress for a Jungle Safari Fashionista-Style

With the intention of going full-out in animal prints (faux hides of course, because real would just be cruel!). I put on this most amazing and incredibly detailed zebra dress called, "Elsa" from Sweet Temptations.  Then keeping in theme, I put on my "Asphyxia" leopard print heels (Reign) and grabbed my "Cheetah" clutch (Aushka & Co.). (What??? Doesn't everyone wear high heels a clutch purse on jungle safaris?)

On the Rocks, with a twist

Okay, then there's the jewellery. I may be swatting mosquitoes, and tripping over animal dung but darn it, I'm going to look good in Chop Zuey (CZ) while I do it! I adore CZ because I know I'll find always something to perfectly compliment my outfit. I can also easily mix and match my CZ jewellery.

 So I decided on the "River Rocks" set which has a rustic feel to it. I've worn it tons of times because it's gorgeous and just so much fun to wear. But today I felt my look required more bulkiness around my neck.  So I added a chunky CZ beaded necklace (the Pasar la Sal Pearl Choker base) to the "River Rocks" necklace.




River Rocks set with the Sal Pearl Choker base, both from CZ

 Nice Kitty

So for my elephant quest, I found the most incredible sim called the Makeahla Jungle . Quite appropriately, their motto is: "Rediscover the Heart of Nature".  I was so taken with the natural scenery that I got my feet tangled up in some vines and almost tripped. Had it not been for a very large cat catching my fall, I would have landed flat on my butt. Thankfully, he wasn't interested in making a meal out of me.

Hold still as sec, while I fix my heel...nice kitty.
Hold still as sec Kitty, while I fix my heel.

I spent the afternoon taking in the beauty of this wild life on this sim. There are large variety of birds, giraffes, zebras and even orangutangs. In fact, I'm pretty sure one was trying to look down my top from his POV in the trees. The perv!

 But as beautiful as the sim was and as wonderful as all the animals were, I still couldn' t find any elephants.

Safari ava on the bridge
The "Elsa" mesh dress by Sweet Temptations is beautifully designed.

At last!

The sun had just set and as I was about to give up, low and behold I stumbled onto a small heard of elephants having a drink of water at a pond. They looked so peaceful, I hated to interrupt them. But they didn't seem to mind my intrusion as I cautiously moved closer.  I stood before them moved to tears, awe-struck by these great, majestic animals. Speaking softly, I reached up and gently touched the tusk of the larger elephant and then I reached over and stroked her massive leathery trunk.

 Safari Elephants Encounter2
Notice the excellent detail in the back of the "Elsa"dress found at the Sweet Temptations store on the Regal Sim.

Remembering what's important

There was silence but for the sound of the elephant's breathing and the occasional flapping of their ears. And in that moment I thought about just how appropriate the mantra that's on the "About" page of this sim. It truly is:

"A place for mankind to remember what's important: That which we should co-exist with, that which we should preserve." 
I thought sadly about how the elephant needs protection from the horrors of poachers or someday they'll all be gone. I just can't imagine a world without elephants, can you?

I don't know if the elephant is my "spirit animals" or what it is. But I have a very real and profound connection with elephants.  I will never forget the experience and I highly recommend you visit the Makeahla Jungle sim and experience it for yourself. Dressed to the nine's in Chop Zuey and Sweet Temptations, of course!

Purse jpgDetails:

Dress: "Elsa" by Sweet Temptations

Jewellery by Chop Zuey: 
~ River Rocks set (incl. necklace, earrings and bracelet  
~ Pasar la Sal Pearl Choker Blk Base "A"
~ Night Cap Earrings (added to River Rocks earrings)

Mesh Clutch: "Cheetah" by Aushka & Co

Reign Heels Heels: "Asphyxia" by Reign
Eye Makeup: Madrid Solo ~ Lying Eyes- Blue
Eyes: IKON  Hope Eyes ~ Moor
Hair: Amacci ~ Elle ~ Pearl Platinum
Model & Photographer: Avalon Chrome

The River Rocks set by Chop Zuey features a beautiful silver choker with a stunning rustic stone.

***Chop Zuey "River Rocks" set ad photo courtesy Chop Zuey

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year Leisurely Stroll

It's a new year, which means new changes! I promised myself that I would clean out my inventory. I'm sure we all know how much of a pain that can be, but after, it's always nice to go shopping for something new. Why not head over to Regal Boutiques? Gaall has a new release called Sofia and this won't leave your inventory anytime soon. The lovely mid-drift fur coat and hip hugger pants is not only comfortable but stylish. But Sofia doesn't stop there! It comes with these strappy high heel sandals to be worn with High Slink Feet. Cost? 250Ls

My hair selected for this styling is from EMO-tions, called Eles. It's an elegant swept back hair style, with soft curls framing the face. It's a piece I'd suggest for any inventory! Add stunning Don't Call Me Betty set from Chop Zuey & a touch of Elit eye makeup from Glam Affair, and you have a lovely, leasurely ensemble for strolling pleasure.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gaall - January's Feature Designer

Regal proudly presents this month's feature designer, Gaall. Owner & designer Moonshine Allerhand has created remarkable designs that will have you ready from head to toe. Her amazing designs can contain not only the outfit, but shoes, hats, earrings, bracelets, glasses, top appliers for Lola and much more! Her designs will always leaves you wanting to shop more! We are proud and honored to have her designs at the Regal Boutiques. Come shop for high quality clothing and accessories for affordable pricing today. You won't be sorry you did with Gaall!