Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Date Nights Are Coming!

February is almost here, which means a lot of date nights! Are you looking for something sexy but classy? Look no further! Gaall has just release Casablanca and can now found at the Regal Boutiques! The dress starts has a vibrant bodice with a lovely plunging neck line. As you travel down the dress it clings to the curves of any ladies body and it finishes in a chic black skirt. Now the dress is check! What about the shoes? Don't worry Gaall has you covered! Casablanca comes with black closed toed shoes laced in the back and tied with a bow.

Since it's a date, let's do some soft curls Gone hair from Magika. Oh shoot! You forgot your contact! Thankfully you have TITB Mesh Black Glasses for Kemono.  Look in the mirror once more before you go on your date and you will see a sexy, classy, ensemble that will make your date smile from ear to ear.

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