Friday, January 23, 2015

Wicca's Wardrobe New Release!

I wanted to show my punk side today. Wicca's Wardrobe helped me out with their newest release at the Regal Boutiques called Horizon Jacket and Ares Pants. The detailed accessories on the Horizon Jacket and Ares Pants is amazing. It's so realistic! It might be the vibrant plaid color on the collars, pockets, and flair bottoms. Or it could be the belt. How about the pants chain dangling behind? No, I got it! It's the zippers, straps, studs, and rings! Okay, Okay, maybe it's each piece that makes it is so amazingly realistic. But that's not all. Both creations come with eight changeable colors, and price? How about,  295Ls each. In total for the full Horizon Jacket and Ares Pants 590Ls. Worth it? Most definitely!

Wanting to keep the punk style going I headed over to Truth to find Holly. I've never had black hair before, so it was a nice change! Tipped with blue it helped draw out the plaid of blue and green. Next something around my neck. Now I didn't want to go with the 'normal' necklaces, I wanted something catchy. I headed over to [MANDALA] and ta da! The unisex Smexy Tie Necklace drew me right away. Selecting it and then moving onto shoes. I will say at first finding the type of shoes I had in mind took a minute until I recalled HOC. HOC sells a mix of affordable accessories and shoes. There I found the Lowtops and it was easily changeable to 9 colors. Cost? 50Ls.

Though this post isn't under 500Ls for the full styling, it's still considered to be a skater punk styling to have in any wardrobe.  Don't you think? If you have any questions about this styling please don't hesitate to contact me in SL. Thank you

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