Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fusion of Fashion...

Exciting news! I found three outfits and three boots to match in one outfit. I know... what's the big deal right? How about it was in a pack that costs 250Ls? That's right! 250Ls! Gaall has done it again with her amazing designer including this Fusion Outfit, now at the Regal Boutiques. Once bought, you will get one pair of boots, half shirt, and booty shorts in xxs, xs, s, m, l. You will also get a HUD that shows each three the full outfits. One click and it's changed! In the picture, I am wearing pinup girl print jean half shirt and jean booty shorts. Other prints offered in this pack is snake skin print half shirt with khaki booty shorts and leather half shirt & booty shorts. Of course don't forget the knee high boots that match perfectly for each outfit included. But that's not all! This pack of outfits is Lola friendly. 

I wanted to keep this styling simple as if it was a pinup girl meets a modern day girl, thus I added Tulip hair from Truth. This hair style gives it a sweet twist giving it a 1940s feel to it. 

Oh I forgot, this complete styling is... 500Ls. Whatcha waiting for! Ready? Set? Shop!

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