Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wild Thing! You Make My Heart Sing!

From Gaall, at the Regal Boutiques, this Wild Style made me think of the Wild Thing song! With skin tight black leather pants, mid-drift animal print jacket in zebra, and stripy high heel to match the jacket it would make anyone want to wear it out. Don't have you sold yet? How about the cost is 250Ls and yes shoes are included. But let's not stop there...

Wanting to keep to the zebra theme I popped over to Chop Zuey to pick up Power Illusion in... you guessed it zebra. Wanting to add a touch of naughtiness, I placed the Tattoo Red Rose, from Irish Touch of Magic, across the left breast. Then thankfully, Truth had a crop cut of light blonde Lunara hair to pull it all together.

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