Monday, February 2, 2015

Press Release! Sweethearts and Regal Team Up!

It is our greatest honor to announce that Regal has become the official Modeling Academy for Sweethearts Jazz Club. As you all know, Sweethearts Jazz Club holds their Ms. Sweethearts Pageant twice yearly with prizes of 100,000 Ls!! If you haven't heard of it, then you have been missing out, since it is known throughout the land! Sweethearts is run by the lovely Shannon Hambleton & debonair Blake Hambleton. We are proud to offer our services to them and their beautiful participants! These participants will have the privilege of becoming what they truly want to be! Please see the pageant area at Sweethearts Jazz & Romance Club. Their pageants are legendary!


  1. Wonderful News! Congratulations on a perfect union. So exciting !!

  2. It is indeed an honor to have Sweethearts with Regal.