Sunday, February 1, 2015

RSC January Contest Winner

Ladies & Gentlemen,

The results for the Regal Boutique's Runway Style Challenge for the month of January are in. The contestants were judged on the following: Runway Skills, Styling, Classiness, & Inner Creativity. The judges have deliberated and Regal is proud to present our  Reigning♛ Champion...

Manis Lane

Congratulations! Regal is honored to present you with the grand prize of 5,000Ls, 50% discount at Regal Academy, a professional picture, by Sydney Garnet as seen below, of the winning styling, the title Reigning♛ Champion, and exposé to be featured on Regal's website. The exposé coming soon! 

Manis Lane says, "the name of Regal stuck in my head when she created this style, she thinks of something elegant, classy, demure and beautiful. With this in mind, she picked a gown to represent that idea, choosing black because it is classic and simple Jewelery to keep it Regal. This sumptuous dress in silk and lace shows some sexiness and style for any formal occasion. She has paired this with Eilifu Black Set from Chop Zuey using earrings, choker and bracelet." 

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