Saturday, April 28, 2018

Our Most Influential Person Winner is...

This winner has been CHANGED! Please find out who our true winner is in the article: 
Transfer of Reigning Champion Title

Dakota has earned the title of Reigning Champion, 5,000 lindens, a professional photo-shoot, that will be displayed at Regal Modeling Academy & Agency for her reign, and she'll be the featured article on the Regal Modeling website, which will be published for your viewing pleasure soon!

We'd like to thank the other most influential people who've impacted humankind, without them the world & this runway styling challenge couldn't exist!

Kaid Hawker
David Bowie by Kaid Hawker

"David Bowie is back, as Kaid Hawker takes to the runway in Redgrave's Jacob Skin and Ikon's Arabian Deep Blue eyes,  Bowie was known for his fashion flare and pushing boundaries, and Kaid honors that by wearing Bakaboo's Baka Suit 2 Jacket, with it's mesh of glided colors and patterns. This shirt, tie, jacket, and vest combo is both edgy and saucy.

Complimenting the jacket is Riot's Syrio Leggings, in Nautical. These form-hugging pants add more than a little sass and sexiness to an outfit, and certainly scream, "Bowie! Bowie! Bowie!"

Rounding out the look are Mesh Platform Ankle Boots, in Teal, from Kaid's own store, Hawker's House. These platform boots capture Bowie's love of fashion, and flare for pushing boundaries.

Bowie is probably best known for his dramatic hair styles and colors, and none more iconic than his bright red spiked do. Kaid chose Dura's Emo Hair in Cherry to immolate Bowie's famous locks. Left longer on the bottom, and cut short and spikey on top, it's a perfect choice for our Bowie look.

 Of course, Bowie wouldn't be Bowie without a touch of makeup to round out the effect. Kaid is wearing Pink Acid's Photo Studio Blush in red, and Glamorize Revolver Pink Combo Lips. Of course, the blue eye shadow is an earmark of Bowie's 'Is There Life on Mars' look, and it's captured here with Glamorize Glitter and Glow Eye Makeup in Turquoise.

 Kaid completes his tribute to Bowie by carrying Dynamic's mic, and opting for Verocity Rock poses.
This ensemble is Kaid Hawker's version of David Bowie, capturing the star's vitality, sass, spunk, edginess, and flare for drama, both on-stage and off."

Dandy Coveria-Hawker
RuPaul Andre Charles by Dandy Coveria-Hawker (Andrijiko Coveria)

"Welcome Dandy Coveria-Hawker to the runway, as he pays tribute to drag queen legend RuPaul. Dandy has captured RuPaul's iconic look by wearing Wow's Ahlam Skin, and MADesigns PROMISE eyes.

Of course, RuPaul wouldn't be RuPaul without his legendary makeup. Dandy has augmented his ensemble with Glamorize Cold Kiss Lips in Dacadent, A.S.S. Drama Shadow in Plum, and Oil Body.  He's also recreated RuPaul's iconic blonde look with TRUTH's Imani hair. This beautiful updo adds both style and elegance to any outfit.

No true drag queen look is complete without a little sparkle and shine, Dandy chose Swallow Chic earrings and Ring, Lyla's Deluxe Mesh Nails Valentine, as well as Leo's Gold Necklace with chains to add that little extra touch of pizzazz!

Of course, the gown makes the woman, and that is definitely the case when you're morphing from male to female, and what better choice than Hawker's House Dandy Diva Caped Gown, in Plum. With it's tailored lines, empress waistline augmented with black beading, and semi-sheer cape, it adds a touch of Cinderella to the look and feel of Dandy's RuPaul ensemble.

To round out his look, Dandy chose EC's Butterfly Crown Tarragon,  Epic Butterfly Buddies, and Chalis Butterfly Aura Summer Storm. Like butterflies transforming from caterpillar to a unique and breath-taking butterfly, RuPaul--and Dandy--morph from a simple man, into a stunningly beautiful woman."


The judges had such a hard choice to make since Walt Disney, David Bowie, and RuPaul Andre Charles made such an impact on humankind, however only one could leave a lasting impact on the runway as well.... Walt Disney!

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