Monday, July 27, 2015

Press Release! Regal's Anniversary & Moved!

On July 27, 2014 Regal had it's grand opening! Officially one year later we are excited and pleased to announce that Regal has found it's home on one of Sweethearts Jazz Club SIMs

In early 2015 Regal's Eibhline and Sweetheart's Shannon Hambleton & Blake Hambleton had teamed up and Regal had become the official Modeling Academy for Sweethearts Jazz Club.

As you all know, Sweethearts Jazz Club holds their Ms. Sweethearts Pageant twice yearly with prizes of 100,000 Ls!! With Regal offering their services to them and their beautiful participants it was only natural to set home at Sweethearts too.

With Regal being exclusive but not limited to Sweethearts we invite you to visit our new home and perhaps you too would like to resemble what you truly wish to be!

Find our new home at Sweethearts II: Regal Academy & Agency

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