Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Who Will Be The Next Miss Azul 2015?

The last reign of a Miss Azul was in 2011, won by the talented Ponchituti Boucher. In 2015, Mami Jewell has opened her doors for the next Miss Azul 2015. But who will win this title?

Regal would like to announce Princess Shannon Bramlington was hand selected by a group of judges as a Finalist for the title of Miss Azul 2015.

Regal is honored to have Princess Shannon Bramlington among the Miss Azul Finalists. As a student Shannon showed such dedication and passion toward her studies. A dream she's had for years is to give back to Mami Jewell by being the next Miss Azul. Regal is delighted Shannon is battling for her dream even with emotional obstacles occurring in RL at the start of this contest. Shannon is an inspiration and define's what being Regal is: "of resembling, or fit for a monarch, especially in being magnificent or dignified."

Miss Azul 2015 has been underway since, March 2015 and by September 27th the crowning of the next Miss Azul 2015 will be made. At this present time, the Miss Azul 2015 Contest has extend an invitation, for a public vote! Out of the Miss Azul 2015 Finalists, who do YOU think should win? Voting has opened TODAY until September 22, 2015.

                                                 [Pictures above taken by Magissa Denver]

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