Wednesday, December 10, 2014

AlaFolie @ Regal Estates


Dearly Deers

Today I want to formally introduce you to a well established designer who has been in Second Life for several years,complimenting our avatars with some of the most beautiful and unique designs. 

Pixivor Allen is the designer of Alafolie a brand of fashion. Pixivor being a painter in first life, offers you designs that are actually a masterpiece by her creative hand and head.
Handmade. Hand Textured.

Next to the clothing she has made a side brand for the jewelry pieces she created, called La Topasienne.

Regal is proud to say, that Pixivor Allen's Alafolie  designs are available at the Regal Boutiques in the Regal Estate.

Love, Emlies

Dress: AlaFolie - L'Espagnole
Jewelry: La Topasienne  - Diament Noir

* For a more clear look, click the picture or visit Regal ! 

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