Sunday, December 28, 2014

RSC October Contest Winner

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Regal apologizes for this delay for the public announcement of the results for the Regal Boutique's Runway Style Challenge for the month of October. The contestants were judged on the following: Runway Skills, Styling, Classiness, & Inner Creativity. The judges had selected a winner on October 26, 2014. Though the contestants were notified after the judges deliberation, Regal is proud to present our  Reigning♛ Champion...

 Falinakatze Resident

Congratulations! Regal is honored to present you with the grand prize of 5,000Ls, 50% discount at Regal Academy, a professional picture of the winning styling, the title Reigning♛ Champion, and exposé to be featured on Regal's website. The exposé coming soon! 

Falinakatze expresses, "My inspiration for this outfit was a stroll in the park on a sunny fall afternoon after having afternoon tea with the Ladies. My outfit is elegant, comfortable, and chic for a fall look."

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