Monday, September 1, 2014

Regal Boutique's Dominus or Domina of the Month Contest

We challenge you to be truly Regal by showing us your style, your class, and your inner creativity by becoming Regal Boutique's Dominus or Domina of the Month!


1. To be eligible for the contest please join the Regal Patrons group, this will grant you exclusive access to the Regal Estate SIM, exclusive items, and news about the contest.

2. Commitments of our Regal Boutiques select an attire or accessories on the Regal Estate SIM. These items must be showcased in the picture.

3. Unleash your inner royalty and style to present to the Regal Court in a picture.

4. Before September 25, provide the entry form containing the full permission picture to our notecard repository found at the Regal Impressions Building

Entries will be accepted until the 25th of each month. The top 10 finalist will be displayed in the Regal Impressions building for the week. This will allow others to admire the skills of the stylist and the judges to deliberate. The judges selected for this feat will be the Regal Monarchy, Regal Advisory, & honorable Guest Judges. The announcement of the Regal Dominus or Domina will commence on the last day of the month.

The champion will receive:

♛ The title of Regal Dominus or Regal Domina

♛ Their picture showcased at the landing point on Regal Estate SIM for the entire month.

♛ Their picture & title displayed on the main Regal website

♛ 1000 Lindens


Ladies & gentlemen, Regal looks forward to see you meet our challenge. Resemble What You Want to Be, Regal

With High Regards,
Regal Advisory

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