Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Regal Agency Casting Results 2016!

Regal Agency Casting Results 2016
Regal Monarchy and Advisors would like to thank all the wonderful models that casted at the annual Regal Agency Casting. We held 4 casting between Friday and Sunday and this wasn't an easy decision to make! Please know we only invite a limited amount of models every year since models at Regal Agency have to be active. AND now without further ado....
We are happy to invite the following models to the Regal Court. (Here are the results of the Casting in no particular order.)
Tryska Moon (Tryska1104 Resident)
QueenBrat Bracken
Dakota Lavarock
мαχтσя ƒяιѕк (MaxtorFrisk Resident)

We wish you wonderful success with your careers and with Regal Agency.

With Highest Regards,
Regal Advisory

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